Four story of the miracle of the earthquake Nepal

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The earthquake that struck last Saturday Nepal has claimed thousands of lives. The death toll so far has reached more than 5000 people and is expected to reach double that amount.

Very slim chances of a person’s life when affected by natural disasters, events that are very abrupt and not knowing where to take refuge make them resigned to whatever happens afterwards.

But if believing in miracles, it feels real while those who are victims can stay alive even though it had accumulated rubble for days. The following five real miracle of earthquake occurrence Nepal collected

1. Four-month baby survived after 22 hours trapped in the rubble of the earthquake Nepal


IIt’s a miracle that so surprising when a new baby is four months old can be saved after being buried for 22 hours behind the ruins of buildings after the earthquake in Nepal.

Newspapers Nepal, Kathmandu Today shows several pictures of the miracle baby. The baby looks in good health with a bandage dust that enveloped the building debris

The local team of army rescuers find this little baby after searching the rubble reversed until Sunday night, (26/4), through the loud sound of crying babies who finally this baby can be saved.

Known because of the impact of the earthquake in Nepal, which reached 7.8 on the Richter Scale up to now has killed an estimated 5,000 people and the number will continue to grow until doubled.

2. These teenagers survived after the earthquake rubble Nepal for 6 days

Tamang, 18-year-old teenage boy was found quake rescuers Nepal army team in the first six days after the disaster that struck on Saturday (25/4). This teenager was found in the ruins of multistory buildings, in one of the areas worst point Kathmandu.

The male teenagers appear to be wearing clothes that read ‘New York’ and cursing a blue necklace, enveloped in dust debris quake.

“He looked healthy and alert, without cuts mean,” said Inspector savior, “Laksman Basnet of Nepalese police, as reported by CNN, Thursday, (30/4).

Laksman Basnet also revealed when looking Tamang, it takes five hours after hearing her screams and determine the location where the young adolescent.

3. Like Doomsday, Mount Everest climber survived the avalanche Everest


Each mountaineering is full of surprises and united with nature is the best way.

“Like a blast, boom,” said Nick Cienski when describing his experience on Mount Everest during earthquakes Nepal, such as New Zealand site,, Wednesday (30/4).

Nick Cienski (48) and his wife knew that he just had no more than a second to save themselves when the quake struck Everest. Avalanche pounding tent shelters them while going to continue climbing towards the highest peaks in the world.

“We are aware that it can not be avoided anymore, and we are already resigned if we could stay alive or not,” said Cienski the newspaper The Washington Post. Cienski who is also an executive of one of the leading sports shirt vendor ‘Under-Armour’, when it was at 17.700 feet in height during the incident and the pounding Everest, creating landslides storms that make them wedged behind the ruins of the ice.

4. Buried up to the neck, a man survived the Earthquake Nepal


Avalanche swept the bottom of Everest and buried some base camp at the time of the climbers gathered near the main route to the summit of the highest mountain in the world.

But a man who was found buried up to the neck, was rescued. Photos man with the whole body is white because it has now become an icon of dust Nepal earthquake.

American climber John Reiter said dozens of people suffered critical injuries, many of them suffered head injuries. “It’s been 18 hours (we neglected),” said Reiter told CNN. An Indian army spokesman said earlier a climbing team discovered 18 bodies a few hours after the earthquake on Saturday.

Nepal’s Tourism Ministry could only confirm 10 deaths, but a spokesman Gyanendra Shrestha said the toll could rise. One of those killed was Dan Fredinburg, a Google engineer based in California. He suffered a head injury when the avalanche happened, according to a statement from the company that brought it to the mountain climbing post.

The tourism ministry officials estimate that at least 1,000 climbers, including about 400 foreigners, were in the post or make the climb to the summit when the earthquake struck.

April is the busiest month of climbing the mountain has a peak at an altitude of 8,850 meters. They avoid the end of May because of the time it has entered the rainy season and frequent heavy fog. Almost exactly a year ago, an avalanche killed 16 Nepali guides.

Saturday’s quake was the strongest ever to hit Nepal for 81 years. Vibrations in Kathmandu was up noticeably to the neighboring countries of India, China and Bangladesh.





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