This is the reason rosulullah forbids Muslims to eat and drink while standing


Eating and Drinking while standing is actually very dangerous, that’s why we advocate religion should sit when eating or drinking.

stand-drinking-254x300 (1)In a hadith mentioned “do not drink while standing”. In terms of health. Water entering by sitting will be screened by sfringer. Sfringer is a structure maskuler (muscular) which can be opened (so that urine can pass) and close.

Any water we drink is supplied to the ‘outposts’ filtration in the kidney. If we drank while standing. The water we drink is automatically entered without being filtered again. Directly into the bladder. When the bladder towards the sedimentation across the channel along the way (ureter). Because many wastes left in the urethra is the beginning of the emergence of a disaster.

That’s right, the crystals kidney disease. One kidney disease is very dangerous. Allegedly caused by difficulty peeing, obviously this is associated with the channel which gradually clogged up earlier.

From Anas r.a. of Prophet .: “That he forbade anyone to drink while standing”. Qatada said, “Then we asked Anas about eating. He replied that it was even worse. ”

At the time of sitting, what is be drunk or eaten by a person will enter the intestinal wall slowly. About drinking while standing, then it will cause the liquid to a hard fall to the bottom of the intestine, hit it hard, if it occurs repeatedly in a long time, it will cause the intestinal edgy, which then causes the body’s digestive dysfunction.

As for prophet been once drank while standing, then it is because there is something that prevents him to sit down, like overcrowded humans at the holy places, not a habit. Remember the principle of an emergency!

People at the time stood, he was in a state of edgy, the organ of balance in the nerve center is working hard, to be able to maintain all of the muscles in the body, so that it can stand steady and perfectly. This is a very thorough work that involves all nervous system and muscles simultaneously, which makes the man can not attain a calm. This is an essential requirement at the time of eating and drinking.

This pleasure can only be produced when sitting, where the nerves are in a state of calm, so that the digestive system in a state ready to accept food and drink in a fast way.

Food and drinks are eaten while standing, could have an impact on nerve reflection carried out by the reaction of nerve wanderer (brain nerve tenth) are widely dispersed in the endothelial layer that surrounds the intestines. This reflection occurs when loud and suddenly, it could cause a malfunction of the nerves (vagal inhibition) severe, to deliver the deadly beating of the heart, causing fainting or sudden death.

So did food and drink stands are constantly somewhat harmful intestinal wall and allow the wound to the stomach. The doctors saw that the wounds in the stomach 95% occur in the usual places collide with food or beverage intake.

Such as the condition of balance when standing with the contraction of muscles in the throat that blocks the path of food into the intestines easily, and sometimes causes a lot of pain that interferes with the digestive function, and a person can lose a sense of comfort while eating and drinking.

Narrated when the Prophet at home A’ishah are eating meat that is dried on trays while sitting knees, suddenly entered a wicked woman who saw the Messenger sitting like that and said: “Look at the people sit down like a slave.” So be answered by the Prophet: “I am a slave, then sitting as a slave sit and eat like eating a slave.” Then the Messenger of Allah invited her to eat. As for leans (leaning to something) has been forbidden by the Prophet as his saying, “Behold, I do not eat reclining” (Sahih Bukhari).



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