Exercising Muscles To Smile Beautiful


Having a lot of facial muscles that make up the buffer. Unfortunately, no facial muscles like the muscles in other body parts, which are easily trained and molded.

Keep in mind, almost all facial muscles attached directly to the skin. This contrasts with the body muscles that are generally connected to the bone. These conditions make the facial muscles become vulnerable, with pressures such as gravity, and easy to slack (that’s why it is more easily visible signs of aging on the face). The beauty of a woman is very important to support them remain attractive appearance. So that the skin care become the primary choice for all women.beautiful-smile

Dr. Sonia Wibisono the health experts say that to get it all needed keep the area around facial rejuvenation, how to train the muscles of the face naturally. Like say A, I, U, E, O interchangeably.

“The human face has 40 muscles unconsciously almost 70% of the muscle is not used. Each letter is pronounced with the mouth opened wide and then hold it for 15 seconds, perform up to two times a day. Exactly after waking and at bedtime. This exercise can keep your face still tight and fresh, “said dr. Sonia

Train the facial muscles can provide beautiful and gorgeous smile radiates from your face. There are 3 things you need to know from the explanation dr. Sonia as follows:

First: Smile Lines
If your smile lines taut and perfectly formed, this signifies a greater zygomatic muscle and lesser zygomatic muscle has been trained well.

Second: Facial Contour
Lines formed with a beautiful face is a vital element in emitting a beautiful smile. It can signify buccinator muscle and risorious well trained.

Third: Corner Mouth
Raise the corners of your mouth to produce a beautiful smile and also tighten your face. To better achieve this, greater muscle zygomatic and orbicularis oris muscles should be trained regularly.

“When muscles lose elasticity, it will be visible wrinkles and inelastic in your face. Toning facial muscles and tighten your skin from the inside as well as train the muscles around your mouth very susceptible to signs of aging, it will produce a beautiful smile and beautiful face close dr. Sonia.

Do not forget, for regular exercise facial muscles in order to get a beautiful smile every time. Doing this on a regular basis can help you get a face that is not only beautiful, but also fresh and youthful.


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