Efficiency and the primacy of the surah Yaseen complete

the primacy of the surah Yaseen
Illustration: Calligraphy (Surah Yaseen)
the primacy of the surah Yaseen
Illustration: Calligraphy (Surah Yaseen)

Efficiency and the primacy of the surah Yaseen complete – One tradition that is done every Friday night, which is reading Surah Yasin. Surah Yaseen also always read when someone dies. Surah Yaseen was very helpful because it has many benefits, great wisdom and virtue.

Surat Yaseen has 83 verses and includes a letter descend in Mecca. Verses short and very drifting in the hearts of the believers. A few the contents of the content of Surat Yaseen, among others; Importance of Faith, which is; Faith in God’s holiness to its properties, Faith in the Qur’an which is the science, power and mercy of God, faith in heaven and its properties, faith in the end of days.

There are stories, that is; The story of prophet isa messengers U.S. with anthakiyah residents. One verse describes the evidence of science Astronomy: all the stars in the sky runs in an orbit.

As for some of Virtues, Wisdom and virtue Surah Yaseen we will describe below, as our summary of the various places.

Benefits / Usefulness Surah Yaseen (Yaseen)

  1. Regarding the words of the Prophet Muhammad, who read Surah Yaseen (Yaseen) one time, the same as reading the Qur’an until the khatam (finished) ten times, who diligently and regularly read Surah Yaseen every night until dead, including martyrdom of.
  2. If you read in the morning, then obtain the excitement until the afternoon, and if it can be read late afternoon happy until morning.
  3. If you have any mean something to succeed, then read the letter Yaseen from home as much as 25 times, Insyallah will be succeed.
  4. If you read to the people who will pass away, it will not be revoked his life while he had not yet visited the Angel Ridwan with the intention of giving excitement to the dying person.
  5. If the read out on the corpse in the grave then lightened suffering.
  6. If it is written and the melted water, and drunk, the same as taking a thousand medication.
  7. Usefulness is can be used as a medicine heat illness, how to read once, each until the word “Mubin” by tying a thread to seven, then strapped on his right shoulder sick person was hot, then inshallah will be healthy again.

The primacy of Surah Yaseen (Yasin)

To find some of the surah Yaseen virtue, let us refer to some hadith of Rasulullah PBUH (peace open to be him) below :

  1. “Everything has a cardiac (heart), was the heart of the Holy Quran is surah Yaseen, and anyone who read Surah Yaseen by Allah Almighty note reading as reading the Qur’an ten times ” (Ad-Darimi, At-Tirmidhi and Anas, and Kanzul-Ummal, the Section 112 624)
  2. “Who read the surah Yaseen every night then he will be forgiven” (Al-Baihaqy in Syi’abil Iman and Abu Hurairah ra. and Kanzul-Umai, Juz 1/2625)
  3. “Who read the surah Yaseen in the night, then at the time of Fajr he be the one to get forgiveness” (Abu Nu’aim and Al-Chilyab and lbnu Ma’ud ra. and Kanzul-Umal, Jua 112626)
  4. “Anyone reading the Surah Yaseen to seek the pleasure of Allah Almighty,  then Allah Almighty forgive his sins in the past, then read it to you on the side of those who had passed away ” (Al-Baihaqy in Syi’abil Iman and Mu’qil bin Yasar ra. and Kanzul Umal, Juz 112629)
  5. “No one will die, and then recited Surah Yaseen at him, except AIIah Almighty
    easier for his death ” (Abu Nu’aim and Abu Danda’ and Abu Dzar ra. and Kanzul-Umal, Juz XV/42 186)

In observance of the hadiths above, then we can take some lessons about the primacy of Surah Yaseen including the below :

  • Surah Yaseen As the heart of the Qur’an
    The essence surah Yaseen is, the form of the Prophet Muhammad ( peace upon to be him). Have been brightened the hearts of the people with the light of the Quran and the end-time shadows, he will rise again in the form of Imam Mahdi.
  • Recommended reading surah Yaseen on Friday night
    Meaning that people always remember about success and happiness in his spiritual person is perfect and very wretched and miserable people who rebel against Allah Almighty and His Prophet.
  • Surah Yaseen and Friday have a strong link
    So the Prophet teaches special to Ali bin Abi Talib that on Friday night woke up one third of the night to pray and read the surah Yaseen.

The Benefits of the surah Yaseen

Recited at sakaratul death people it will be easier the release of the soul, read Surah Yaseen same as reading the Quran 10 times, able to intercede for its readers.
be eased his business, lighten the punishment of the grave, read on a Friday night to get forgiveness, if not married would be able to a soul mate, if the fear by Allah will remove his fear of it.

That some Benefits, Efficiency and the primacy of the surah Yaseen complete very exceptional. As we know, then do not hesitate anymore to always read Surah Yaseen or practice regularly every night, or at least every Friday night.


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