Efficacy Garlic, Overcome Colds and Repel Mosquitoes


Garlic is the most important spice in almost every dish. You can also use these ingredients to maintain the health of the body. One that has been researched is useful also for the prevention of cancer as well as lowering blood insistence. Find out what are the other benefits:

Benefit Garlic, Overcome Colds and Repel Mosquitoes

Grow hair
Garlic can handle the problems of hair loss because many contain allicin. Allicin is a compound that is also found in onions, which efficiently maintain the hair loss. Rub the garlic pieces in the scalp, plus better if while in massage. You can also give the garlic oil to massage it into the scalp.

Clear Acne
Maybe this is not the most important ingredient in acne medications that are sold freely, but garlic can be a great natural remedy for acne wash that is not in desire. Antioxidants kill the bacteria, so wipe chunks of garlic on acne for healing.

Avoid and cure colds
The food was seasoned with garlic not only delicious but also has anti-oxidant content that can improve the body immunity. When a cold start to attack, try drinking tea garlic. The step makes, chopped garlic and then soak in hot water most minutes, then strain and drink. You can give honey or ginger to increase noticeably.

Handle psoriasis
Known also as an anti-inflammatory ingredient, garlic can also be used to relieve psoriasis (a skin disease caused by immune system problems) that does not make you uncomfortable. Try to rub a little oil garlic existing section of psoriasis, to soften and get rid of the itching of the skin.

Protecting the body weight
A research show, rats who ate garlic consumption is capable of weight loss, as well as their fat. Cook your food with garlic to taste better.

Revoking flakes
Save a piece of garlic and taped with a strong way with a bandage or tape is a step that has been done throughout the years to repeal sharp debris that enters the skin.

Keeping feet
Because the content of the anti-fungal, garlic can be useful to clean itching on foot. Soak feet in warm water and insert the garlic that has been destroyed.

Repel mosquitoes
Some researchers still do not understand why mosquitoes look not like the garlic. A study in India found that people who smear garlic herb in the arms and legs not bothered by mosquitoes. Wear garlic oil, petroleum jelly, and bee wax as well as a natural deterrent. You can also put a clove of garlic near you so not bothered mosquitoes.



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