Efficacy and benefits of salatul al layl or tahajud

salatul al layl
salatul al layl

Salah tahajjud or salatul al layl an additional worship that was never abandoned by the Prophet. However, very few people are capable of performing this worship. Whoever is routine salatul al layl then Allah will facilitate all the work, simplify life, away from misery, hardship and difficulty of life and honored her life. The most important time to do salatul al layl was late in the evening or sometimes called third last night.

Salatul al layl (night prayer) may be done in the early evening or mid-night. But the most important is at the time of the morning and finished shortly before dawn call to prayer echoed.

The Prophet said, “Prayer is the most important after the (prayer) fardhu, (is) Salatul al lay” (HR. Muslim)

Reported by Aisyah: “The Messenger of prayer between an empty time (completed) Isha ‘until dawn eleven cycles, he greets every two cycles and berwitir one rak” (Bukhari)

Number of rakats Salatul al layl

Procedures for the night prayer or Salah al Lail be two cycles of two rakats a greeting, perhaps four rokaat four rokaat greeting then closed with prayer rakats witr 1 or 3 rakats. Both the way it used to do the Prophet, please have any preferred way.

Reported by Aisha, he said: The Messenger never add (rak prayer) in Ramadan nor in any other month of the eleven cycles; he pray four cycles, not to you wonder about the good and length; later he pray four rakkat (again), Do not you wonder about the good and long after that he pray three (rakkat). “(Bukhari and Muslim).

Reported Ibn Abbas, he said: the prayer of the Prophet thirteen cycles, that prayers by night “(Muslim)

So the Prophet (peace be upon him) never to pray exceed 11 rakats + 2 rakats prayer iftitah (prefix) so that a total of 13 rakats. The hadiths that exceeds 13 rakats all are dhoif.

Quranic verse concerning night prayers (Salatul al layl)

In the letter as Sajda verses 15-16

ju kji

In surah Al Muzammil verses 1-7

In verses 63-64 surah Al Furqan

Benefits to Shalatul al layl or tahajjud

Night prayer or Shalatul al lyl is a means or a way to get closer to Allah. If the person has reached the level of al muqorrobun or close to God, of course a lot of facilities that will be gained from God. In one hadith Qudsi Allah says radhiallahuanhu From Abu Hurayrah said: The Messenger shallallahu’alaihi wasallam said: Indeed, Allah ta’ala says :

Who is hostile to my guardian and I have declared war with him. No approach to my servant whom I love more than to worship with what I have enjoined him. And the servant always closer to Me by nawafil (judge actions beyond the obligatory sunnah), and I will love him and if I had loved him then I was hearing that he used to hear, vision he used to look, arms which he used to beat and his legs are used for walking. If he asks me I will surely give and if he asked for protection from me I will surely protect “(Reported by Bukhari) wallahu a’lam



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