Drunken saga neck slashing demons


Written two people in a saga. The first man is religious, but he had a little science. While the second figure is a knowledgeable, but has a bad habit. Among although knowledgeable, he often drank to consume liquor.

As usual, the devil is the main enemy of mankind is always tempting to keep both of these men fall into error. So, one day, Satan also came the first male to tease. On the occasion, a vicious alter its form resembles a human figure. When the men came first, devil worshipers found him. Looked calm. The first figure is notorious as the righteous. Prayer, reading the Qur’an, dhikr, and various other types of worship rituals are habits every day.

“Hi, expert worship,” said Satan has transfigured. “I was sent by Allah Ta’ala,” he began to lie. “All of worship has been accepted,” he explained to convey the peak lies, “then, after this, you no longer need to practice.”

“Alhamdulillah,” said the man who was knowledgeable expert’s worship. Worse, after the incident, the man is really no longer perform worship. Therefore, he was pardoned, as presented by the ‘messenger’ of God is.

After the poisoning of men first, demons came second man. With a burning passion, demon rushed. He has compiled a variety of seduction and temptation sentence that the man who likes to get drunk is increasingly mired in their error. Although, he has science.

“Hi,” cried the devil immediately after meeting the second man, “all sins are forgiven.”

However, could not catapult the second sentence, the man immediately rebuked, “Damn you!” As he decapitated the demon in human form. “You think, I do not know God ?!” snapped shortly after the ‘bodies’ demon lying on the earth.

Such is the state of those who have science. He knows the nature. Although, in the tale told by R. Abdullah bin Nuh in explaining Climb Rise Science and Penance bouquet of Imam al-Ghazali, there are imperfections. Because, if the second man really knowledgeable, then he will leave his bad habits and focus on the science possessed for getting closer to Allah Ta’ala.

Then the best among them is the worship expert knowledge. That is the best of science that provides benefits, and best of worship as one of the practice on his knowledge.


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