Does anyone know the beard has benefits for a person’s life?

the beard has benefits for a person's life

Benefits of a beard

A beard is one of the attributes of a complete gentleman and it is rewarding that having a beard for all men. Beard arranged neatly not only beautify the appearance of a man but the complete attributes this man also has many benefits. Does y’all want to know what are the benefits of the beard?

5 Benefits of a beard! the benefits of having a beard for men

What are the benefits of beards for men? Here are 5 benefits men have a beard:

1. Be able to overcome asthma and flu

Besides being able to support performances of a beard turned out to also be overcome asthma and flu. This has been stated by a respiratory specialist in London that Dr. Felix Chua, the doctor Felix said a beard and mustache to avoid the occurrence of asthma.

Mustache and beard is a natural filter that can filter a range of pollutants that exist in the air before it is inhaled. Beard that grew bolded in the bottom of the chin and neck can warm temperature around the neck so as to avoid the occurrence of coughs and colds as flu. The thickness of beard that extends to the neck to warm the neck and face during cold weather. Truly extraordinary !!

2. Protect your from the UV rays

Sourced from the research that has been conducted by researchers at the University of Southern Queensland. Beard can protect the skin up to 95% of the sun’s UV rays are harmful to the skin, so as to prevent a person affected by dropsy cell and cancer. You can grow a beard with this health reasons.

3. Able to prevent infection of the skin

A beard is one part of the hair that grows naturally so it is better not shaved or by simple trimming just alone. Shaved off the beard using razor blades it can cause many problems such as acne, inflammation, until the skin rash.

This is also be justified by a doctor from Ohio State Wexner Medical Center is Dr. Shannon C. Trotter. The doctor explained that the use of the knife to shave the beard can cause skin irritation and can also increase the spread of bacteria that can lead to infection of the hair particles.

4. Looking much more a grown man

Trend beard has the advantage, in addition to health care, Growing a beard can also improve your appearance that will look more masculine. This has been discussed in a study that has been published in an international journal. The results of the study concluded that a man who had a thin beard on his face it looks more masculine and also looks more interesting in the eyes of women.

5. As a natural facial moisturizer

The skin is equipped with oil glands to moisturize the skin so that the skin does not dry and dull. Someone who has a beard then there will be a lot more oil glands on the beard hairs. The condition of the skin on the beard will be more moist and healthy compared with the portion exposed skin because the skin’s beard gets more oil glands than other skin.

So in another sense, this is a natural moisturizer beard face. It has also been being justified by Dr. Shannon C. Trotter, other than as a natural moisturizer beard can also serve as a protective skin from exposure to the wind which can cause dry skin and also infection. This is one of the benefits beards for men’s health.

That is some information about the beard benefits for health and the benefits of having a thick beard for all men.


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