7 Diseases Often Due Bed Late

Diseases Often Due Bed Late

Diseases Often Due Bed LateSleep is a daily requirement that must be met. The average person should sleep 7-9 to get the quality sleep that maximum.
According to research, when we sleep the body will neutralize the body so that cells are damaged to be repaired by the time we sleep. However, Today many people who like to sleep late. They do not know what the result of sleeping too late. If you are among those who I mean then read and understand every word of this article.

Often a result of disease Sleeping hours:

1. Concentration Descending

So good sleep plays an important role in thinking and learning. Lack of sleep can affect many things. First, interfering with alertness, concentration, reasoning, and problem-solving. This makes learning difficult and inefficient. Second, the sleep cycle at night contribute to “strengthen” the memory in mind. If my friend does not get enough sleep, so my friend will not be able to remember what my friend learned and experienced during the day.
2. Ability undermines Brain Memory (Forgetfulness)

In 2009, researchers from the US and France proves that with enough sleep, stimulates brain reaction called sharp wave ripples that play a role in the process of strengthening the memory. The reaction of sending the information or data stored hippocampus of the brain to the neocortex, where long-term memories are stored. Thus, the reduced sleep time pal, then the less memory will be saved brain pal. The Risk of being a forgetful friend.

3. Cause Depression

In a 1997 study, researchers from the University of Pennsylvania reported that people who sleep less than 5 hours per day for seven days caused easily stressed, angry, sad, and mental fatigue. In addition, lack of sleep and sleep disorders can cause symptoms of depression. The most common sleep disorders, namely insomnia which has strong links with depression.
In a 2007 study involving 10,000 people, revealed that people with insomnia 5 times more prone to depression. In fact, insomnia is often one of the first symptoms of depression. Insomnia and no appetite due to depression are related. Sleep deprivation exacerbates the symptoms of depression and depression makes it harder to sleep buddy. The plus side, a good sleep pattern can help treat depression. Whew crazy!

4. Serious Health Problems

Sleep disorders and chronic sleep deprivation can bring buddy at risk:
– Heart disease
– Heart attack
– Cardiac arrest
– Irregular heartbeat
– High blood pressure
– Stroke
– Diabetes
Then, according to some studies, 90 percent of patients insomnia- sleep disorder characterized by difficulty falling asleep and stay awake all night – also experienced similar health risks.

5. Increased Weight Gain Causes

Weight gain is directly proportional to the lack of sleep. Fat metabolism will be disturbed when the body does not get at least 6 hours of sleep per night.

6. Weaken the Immune System

By awake until late at night, the body will destroy white blood cells or leukocytes are useful as an immune system. Then the reduction of leukocytes in the blood, the body will be prone to symptoms of disease and infection.

7. Incidence of Heart Disease and Stroke Early

A sleep disorder that is very chronic (continuous sleep deprivation in the long term) are the root causes cardiac dysfunction (heart failure), high blood pressure, and stroke.

So, should you throw a bad habit to sleep late at night and give your body a minimum of 7-9 hours of rest in order to avoid these dangerous diseases.

That is some of the consequences of frequent sleep late. Enough until here before my article. may be useful for you all.


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