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Did you know that the weaver ants that live in trees that sometimes become bullies because of a human activity painful bite? Its existence is no longer feared but was hunted to feed the needs of birds and fish feed. For sale, Red Ant Eggs value is very high because it is used as a major requirement for the bird nutrition bird lovers and the angler fish. They utilize Red Ant Eggs as bait fish that he so typical and favorite food for fish.

The existence of weaver ants that eat pests of fruit crops, it can automatically reduce the excessive use of chemical pesticides in crop pest control. Weaver ants are very helpful in keeping his fruit growers of caterpillar pests. Indirectly weaver ants can help farmers with bullies prey on insects, such as aphids and caterpillars fruit that can cause crop failure.

Mujarabnya Red Ant Eggs or larvae resulting from weaver ants are not just to feed the birds and fish but consumed for human health. In some countries such as Thailand, Philippines, Singapore, Canada, Red Ant Eggs are not being fed to birds and fish because it is people who became a major role in taking the Red Ant Eggs as a complete nutritional needs. They used to serve Red Ant Eggs in the form of a delicious soup.

Red Ant Eggs
Red Ant Eggs – cilacap

According to research from a variety of sources, the content of the nutritional value of Red Ant Eggs is very, very high. According to experts in the field, Red Ant Eggs can have a big impact on the intelligence of the human brain. But no one knows the procedures for taking this Red Ant Eggs. And at this moment experts are developing cosmetic ingredients using Red Ant Eggs as its main ingredient.

Red Ant Eggs nutrient content for the health, you need to know.

The result of the analysis of Red Ant Eggs from the Ministry of Health of Thailand stated that in one hundred grams of Red Ant Eggs are:

– carbohydrates 4.3gr
– Protein 24.1g (counting from the wet ingredients, if you want to know the dry matter content correction with moisture content)
– fat 42.2gr
– The water content of 22%
– fiber 4.6gr
– Abu 2.8mg
– calcium 40mg
– phosphorus 230mg
– iron 10.4mg
– Vit A, 710 IU
– B1 0.22 MG
– B2 1.13 MG
– Niacin 5.7 mg

Similarly, information about the benefits of Red Ant Eggs Consumed For Health that I can say. Hopefully, you can add insight about the benefits of Red Ant Eggs for health than as a singing bird feed and bait fishing. So much for me, to meet with the subsequent articles that I can give to you is certainly in huuwaida.com. Hope it is useful. Thank you.


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