Definition of Satan, the Devil, and Jin by Al-Quran


Are there any among us who knows the meaning of the devil, demons, and jinn? Maybe some of us do not know that it was actually three different creature, or there are even some who do not know about these beings? These three beings are creatures that are often referred to in the Qur’an, living beings besides the animals, plants, humans, and not also included in the class of angels.

To find out what could be distinguish three such beings are, so this time, we will be together to discuss it carefully. The discussion below is taken from a variety of sources.

Definition of Satan, the Devil, and Jin by Al-Quran

Demons, jinn, and the devil are creatures created by Allah all human beings living in our Area, and may also breathe the same air as humans. Because of that, we need to know the difference between the three creatures created by Allah SWT.


Several times in the Koran, Allah put the word “jinn”, and there is even a surah, which was named the creature is a surah al-Jinn. Was taken in the Koran, it is known that Jin was like as follows:

Creation Jinn of fire

The basic difference between Jinn and human beings are human beings were created by God to use clay, while Jinn using fire. It is mentioned in a Surah al-Hijr verse 27, who wrote that the jinn was created from fire very heat, and Surah ar-Rahman verse 15 asserted the creation of Jinn using flame.

Some of the Jinn believed in Islam

Just like humans, Jinn also embraced their respective religions. As explained in the letter al-Jin verse 11, which means that among the Jinn also a pious and disbelievers, because they have the desire to follow their own path.


If anyone wants to know the difference Satan, the devil, and the Jinn, especially among Jinn and devils, might be difficult considering devil himself is a creature of its kind Jinn, as written in the Qur’an. Also told that once devil is a Jinn that is very close to Allah SWT, but he became rebellious and rebelled against Allah after the Prophet Adam was created, only because he was higher in rank since he was created from fire.

Excess are so distinguishing devil compared with other jinns is immortal and does not die at all until doomsday appears, it is also written in the Surah al-A’raf verse 14 to 15 and the Surah Shaad verse 79 to 81. devils also have offspring, but the offspring of devil no one has the ability to eternal life until doomsday finally arrived and put an end to all the dead in the world, to return to Allah.


According to the Qur’an, the devil is a bad being, they do a job like to invite people to do sleaze like lying and such. If the devil is a Jinn and demons are creatures other than humans, then the Satan is better suited to the nature of a person nicknamed both Jinn and humans. As for their special characteristics are:

1. The enemy of human
In the Surah al-Baqarah verse, 208 says that we who believe shall be enter into Islam and enemies a vicious.

2. may resemble an of human
Surah al-An’am verse 112 wrote that about demons jinn and mankind.

3. Often invited to sleaze
See surah al-Baqarah verse 169, says that the demon just took on the terrible thing.