23 Dangers of Smoking for Health Human Body


Dangers of Smoking for Health Human Body

Dangers of Smoking for Health Human BodyDangers of Smoking for Health. Maybe it is not foreign to you on alert
the dangers of smoking, in addition to the many tutorials on the dangers of smoking you can also
immediately see it in the cigarette pack itself that says smoking can
cause cancer, heart attacks, impotence and disorders of pregnancy and the fetus. If
you are aware of and observe such an article you definitely understand how dangerous
cigarettes for the health of yourself as an active smoker and those around you as
passive smokers.

Chemical ingredients contained in Cigarette consists of several substances sufficient
harmful to the body, such as in the quotation and Wikipedia substances contained in
in cigarettes are as follows: Nicotine.

The content that causes the smoker to feel relax. Tar It consists of more than 4000 chemicals of which sixty of which are carcinogenic chemicals Cyanide. Chemical compounds containing Cyano group Benzene, also known as benzol (volatile organic chemical compounds flammable and colorless). Cadmium a highly toxic metal and radioactive methanol (wood alcohol), the simplest alcohol, also known as methyl alcohol. Acetylene is an unsaturated chemical compound which is also an alkyne hydrocarbon The simplest. Ammonia can be found everywhere but very toxic in combination with certain elements. Formaldehyde. The highly toxic liquid used to preserve dead bodies. Hydrogen cyanide, a poison that is used as a fumigant to kill ants. This substance is also used as an astringent and plastics maker Arsenic pesticide ingredients found in rat poison. Carbon monoxide chemicals toxic found in car exhaust fumes and motorcycles.

By looking at the details of the substances and chemicals contained in Cigarettes as I
describe above, it is not remarkable how dangerous being an active smoker for
the health of your body, but it is a warning like just a squiggle that
meaningless and a rumor that never left off, especially for young people,
so as no longer to be something scary or something that could make
stop smoking, even children who are still not old enough to know Cigarettes. They Are
suck now getting used to and become a trend very
alarming, It was then and again warning that the government is expected to
make all the circles become more prevalent against threats and bad effects and suck
Cigarette. now began to apply the new rules concerning the increase of cigarettes that reads
Smoking killed and at specified only for ages 18 years and over

Dangers of Smoking

To add, as in the quotation and bersosial com, the following are the side effects and symptoms
which arise as a result of smoking?

1. Smoking can cause early menopause.

2. For women, smoking can affect your baby bladder that can
gave birth to deformed babies

3. Another negative effect on pregnant women who smoke that can cause

4. Smoking can cause Bronchitis.

5. It is certain that this is logically one can certainly cause cough.

6. It can cause peptic ulcer disease.

7. emphysema.

8. The more and the longer you smoke will make your muscles become weak.

9 If too often smoke cigarettes will suffer from gum disease.

10. It turns out that smoking can also cause damage to the eyes.

11. Impact of the stomach, smoking can also cause stomach cancer.

12. In women, cigarette smoke can cause bowel cancer and uterus

13. May cause mouth cancer

14. Smoking can also cause cancer Esophagus.

15. It can also cause cancer of the pharynx

16. Pancreatic Cancer.

17. Smoking is one of the causes of breast cancer in women

18. Causes of phthisis

19. Cancer Chronic respiratory tract.

20. Can cause stroke

21 May cause bones to become crops.

22. It could not have thought to mention one of heart disease is due and smoking.

23. And be careful also with smoking you may experience infertility or could not
have children.

So many negative effects for a smoker as I describe in
above is actually still a lot of dangers and side effects and a Cigarette
certainly when I wrote in detail are endless because of too many
dangers arising and the chemicals contained in Cigarettes.

Hopefully after reading this post that simple can make you aware of the importance of maintaining a healthy body and keep away from tobacco smoke rolls that actually there is no benefit at all, when you smoke cigarettes near children will be more danger at all Because your child’s immunity to disease is still weak.


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