Could It Be That The Child Is Lying?


child-is-lyingMany writers in their books that discuss the nature of a child who tends to the good of the child because basically it has goodness in them. In fact, there are parents who say that the child’s world is a world of innocence and candid. The question now possible that a child is lying?. Moving from a variety of everyday experience as a teacher and brother of my brothers, my answer “The child might be lying”.

If you are the type of parents who always believed and said exactly what children always say I suggest from now on you do not easily believe just what the kids. It does not mean I told you not to trust your child, but that you are more careful with the intelligence of children. Many children that their world is very plain and said usually it is but there are some very unusual child who had unusual intelligence which is linguistics (Speak) and intelligence to change the facts. When speaking intelligently and alter this fact in the child there will emerge a new action, a positive thing if parents and teachers work together in directing.

As a teacher, I have had experiences that are sometimes surprising. There are children who choose attitude when at home and when they are in schools, as they are in the child’s home was so plain and disciplined, but when they are away from home, maybe as a child at school an unexpected incident occurred when children at home so innocently turned into uncontrolled is a child in the Act rate their attitude. This occurs when the child’s condition may have been caused at home very unfettered by the rules of many parents, and the child has no other choice but to obey the rules or accept the consequences in the form of punishment from his parents, but the children far from the radar of parents began choosing attitude (free yourself from all the House rules), the child does not obey the rules, no discipline and a variety of other events. This also happens because the child rate stance.

Then, as a parent and as a teacher we should not readily accept the actions and utterances of children because not all children have innocent world, there are times when they are able to determine the attitude of even manipulating circumstances to benefit himself. Many children who are looking for a secure zone by means of manipulating or lying against what is going on is actually just to protect themselves from the threat of a parent or teacher.

Lying is an act that is intentional or not, the deed is done to deceive others in order to get the positive and avoid the negative. According to c. Drew Ph.d. Edward, an expert on Child Psychology, in his book “unruly Child” mentioned the reason a child lying together by reason of an adult, i.e. to avoid the consequences of their behavior because they are ashamed to admit the actual occurrences, or in order to avoid things that are embarrassing or rejection of him. Children also can lie just to get attention from people around her or the child lied when parents and teachers are angry at him.


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