Commemorating 67 years of Palestinian Nakba


Nakba is derived from the Arabic word meaning catastrophe or disaster. Said pinned by the Palestinian Nakba to the day in which they had been expelled from their homeland. Heartbreaking day it occurred on May 15, 1948, or 67 years ago. At that time hundreds of thousands of Palestinians were forced out by Zionist Israel, so that they must be willing to live as refugees in neighboring countries.

There are three big things that happened in the Nakba, first, the lifting of the name Palestine geographically and politically, secondly, the establishment of Israel, and the third, from the outbreak of the first Arab-Israeli war.


Nakba reminds the Zionist military crimes annexing 80% of the land of Palestine, then declare the establishment of a Jewish ethnic state with the name of Israel. In addition, the Nakba is also reminiscent of the scattered hundreds of thousands of Palestinians after their towns and villages vacated by Israel. As they fled to the Gaza Strip, West Bank, Jordan River, and to several other locations in Arab countries such as Jordan stepped, Iraq, Syria and Lebanon.

Behind the Nakba tragedy

Long before the events of Nakba, the ethnic cleansing mission to deploy been scheduled long ago, even before the British set foot on Palestinian land. Is Bailfour 1917 declaration attesting to the amount of shares in the United Kingdom to establish the state ‘Israel’ on Palestinian land.

Balfour Declaration contains a letter dated 2 November 1917 from British Foreign Secretary at that time; Arthur James Balfour, to Lord Rothschild, a leader of the British Jewish community, for transmission to the Zionist Federation. The essence of this letter is the British government supports the Zionist plan that will make the ‘homeland’ for the Jews in Palestine.

Since then the British prepare military and attacking Palestinians are still under the Ottoman Empire. British forces led by General Allenbi then launched an offensive in late October 1917 and successfully conquered Palestine in just three months. The Ottoman army was unable to resist the British attack, military condition is very weak, especially after losing the first world war.

This victory easier for Jews to create a movement called “Jewish Representative” containing various parties and leaders of Jewish and Zionist. The main mission of this movement is to create entrances for Jews outside Palestine, and forced them to make an exodus to different areas of Palestine that was already occupied.

Various attempts were made to the success of this mission, including the purchase of land belonging to Palestinians, preparing a trained military and to build a Jewish civilian areas that get a military escort.

Resistance outbreak

Zionist foul intentions known British-backed Palestinians, they can not allow the occupation persists and Jews from all over gathered at the top of the Muslim waqf land. Attend a warrior figure named Sheikh Izzuddin Al-Qassam, who led the Palestinian uprising against the British colonialists and Zionists.

In a battle of Sheikh Izzuddin martyr pierced tin arrow British colonizers. However, the resistance of the people do not know the word to recede, and continue to fight until the popular revolution erupted in 1936. People work together to organize resistance. But unfortunately, the power is not balanced and revolution lasted for three years.

Along with the end of the second world war, the British return the Palestinian issue to the UN, after previously conditioned completely surrender Palestine to the Jewish representatives, both military, political, economic and immigrant affairs. England seemed to want to ‘wash their hands’, does not want to dissolve in a feud with the Palestinians and Muslims.

On 29 November 1947 the United Nations passed a resolution that it denies the existence of occupation against the Palestinians. International agencies have set America divided Palestine into three parts, namely: 54.7% for Jews, 44.8% for Palestine, 0.5% (Al-Quds) for the International.

Arab-Israeli war

The UN’s decision through a resolution of 181 invited strong reactions from Muslims. Arab countries later held a meeting in Cairo, Egypt on December 8 to 17, 1947. They assert that the division of Palestine is illegal and violates the International Law. Arab countries then agreed to collect 10,000 weapons, 3,000 volunteers were later known as the Army of Rescue, and provide financial support amounting to one million pounds.
They will attack the Zionist bersiapan but after the British out of Palestine.

Zionists who seemed to have a green light from the UN, perform a variety of crimes. The Palestinian people are being targeted slaughter only able to fight with improvised weapons, while Israel has an arsenal of sophisticated as it gets support from America.

Zionist crime is increasingly becoming, day and night the Palestinian people hunted and forced out of their homes and leave the land of Palestine. They were only given two choices, stay their homes and the land of Palestine or they will gunshot Zionist forces. They kill Palestinians indiscriminately, including children, women and the elderly. Zionists really been doing ethnic cleansing.

The culmination of it all is dated May 15, 1948, one day after the British left Palestine. On that day declared the establishment of the Zionist state ‘Israel’ which necessarily makes Muslims and Arabs angry. Arab nations finally launched a military offensive to liberate Palestine from the grip of the Jews.

What do the Arab alliance has been read since long by the Zionists. So that since 1945 they have been prepared to face the battle. When the decision of the UN approved the partition of Palestine, the Zionists gather all youth aged 17-25 years for military training in order to retain a strategic location after the declaration of the Jewish state later.

During the battle, the Alliance of Arab countries were not able to offset the Israeli force backed by the West. Zionists actually managed to blow up Palestinian villages and their houses, more than 600 Palestinian villages were destroyed and their inhabitants expelled. Major cities in Palestine when it fell into the hands of the Zionists, and the people continue to receive barrage. Data showed as many as 800,000 Palestinians were massacred Jews since the Nakba, and nearly one million of its population displaced.

Arab-Israeli war that began May 15, 1948 that ended on March 3, 1949, in conjunction with the acceptance of Israel by the UN Security Council as full members and Arab countries receives a ceasefire.

Nakba Continues

What is seen by the Palestinians today is a continuation of the agenda of the Jewish state on every inch of Palestinian land. Many people fooled by conditions that occur in Palestine, they only focus on the remaining two regions; Existing West Bank Al-Aqsa Mosque in it and the Gaza Strip. Though Palestinians survive on land occupied Palestinian Zionists in 1948, until now also experiencing the same oppression.

Palestinians who were in the land of Palestine 48, live oppressed under racist Jewish law, while in the West Bank, 60% of its territory is surrounded by a wall racist, and which are in Gaza, they lived under blockade for years.

Thus the Nakba is not just occurred on May 15, 1948, but also still going on until now. Based on data from UNRWA-United Nations, in 2013 there were 5,271,893 Palestinians became refugees since the Nakba occurred. They are now scattered in refugee camps in Jordan, Lebanon, Syria and two in the Palestinian territories; West Bank and Gaza Strip. Now they are demanding the right of return to Palestine, while surviving in camps pengungsiaan. Wallahul Musta’an.



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