Benefits of Wudu: Recipe for good health


Health Benefits of Wudu For Human Body

Here is a great recipe from among the many wonders of the Quran. A day will come when non-Muslims will imitate ablution or washing some parts of the body before prayer, privilege and the Muslims have enjoyed for more than fourteen hundred years. And the habit continued for the form obligation, more or less, unconscious. The discovery biologists in the last twenty years that they discover and understand the impact on health ablution. The three main benefits that come from washing human health associated with the circulatory system, immune system, and electrostatic balance of the body.


a) Blood circulatory system

The circulatory system is twofold. The first is the heart pumps blood to the tissue cells in any part of the body. The second is to bring back the blood that is used by the body. If the reverse circulation is interrupted, diastolic blood pressure increases and aging, and even the onset of death.

A healthy body condition and function of blood vessels is essential for this dual circulatory system. Flexible tube-like blood vessels, divide into branches thinner as the distance from the heart increases. If the thin tube especially be hardened and loses its elasticity, the pressure and workload on the heart increases. This is known in medical jargon as atherosclerosis.

Various aspects of our lives causes hardening and narrowing of blood vessels occurs. This problem is considered as the basis of aging and damage to the body, is now a different field of medicine itself. Improper nutrition of nerve reactions can cause serious effects on vascular conditions. If parts of the blood vessels observed in the sclerotic, what practical measures can be taken against it?

Hardening and narrowing of blood vessels did not happen all at once, but in the long term. Vessel farthest from the heart, such as in the brain, legs and arms, are more prone to the process by which the start slowly at that location. But there is an application in the daily routine in the sense that the exercise by alternating blood vessels contract. His agent is water which raises the temperature gradient. Ablutions ensure flexibility and visor vessels away from the heart to widen when hot and contracts when cold. It also forces the nutrients, stored on the network as a result of sluggish circulation, back into the bloodstream by the temperature difference.

Given the these facts, is it possible to understand the verse which instructs Muslims to wash hands, feet and face in a ritual ablution as liabilities before praying.

Blood circulation is a favor given to us from the Creator. The command to perform ablution supplement supports that by keeping blood vessels and circulatory system are generally in good health. It was the first of many blessings ablution. It is impossible to deny the fact that the washing protecting against dementia which is a way of hardening of the arteries reflect on the circulation in the brain of someone who has performed the ablution regularly since childhood.

b) The immune system (lymphatic circulation)

In addition to the circulation of red blood cells in the body, there is also circulating white blood cells or leukocytes. Vessel of this system is ten times thinner than those who do red blood cells. We sometimes see flowing liquid skin color of the walls in some abrasions or cuts. It is this that makes the lymphatic circulation all points of the body in the protection of the immune system. Each bacterial, foreign objects, or cancer cells (cause unknown), which may have been destroyed by the body attacks the cells of the warrior or leukocytes in lymphatic circulation. The emergence of infectious diseases or cancer in the body has always depended on the malfunctioning of the immune system.

Exactly how these systems ship expands and contracts have not been fully clarified. It is known however that the hot and cold effect of the system. The arrest of infectious diseases such as the common cold ascribed to the inability, due to contraction of the vessels, to send leukocytes in sufficient quantities to the afflicted area. Now the functioning of this system and thin vessels, like that of the circulatory system in general, closely related to the effect of refreshing wash. The structure of the immune system that confers resistance to all diseases, amplified through ablution, and the divine blessing is mentioned in the verse is realized.

Now someone might claim that while the lymphatic system is refreshed by washing, it was just a side effect coincidental and unintentional. However, the exact form of the command to perform ablution sermon this incorrect claim. I think instead that the way in which ablution instructed to do specifically aimed at the lymphatic system as well. The reasons are as follows:

1. For the lymphatic system to function properly, even one point in his body should not be ignored, which is guaranteed by the full ablution.

2. The most important center to stimulate the lymphatic system is the nasopharynx area behind the nose and tonsils, and wash this place especially ordered.

3. Stimulation of both sides of the neck have major influence on the lymphatic system, and is also present in the ablution.

The cells of the body’s most powerful warriors, namely lymphocytes transported to the farthest from the body and after passing through biological training intensive patrolling every point in the body many times in a day. If they meet bacteria or cancer cells, they destroy it. Is this not a divine blessing, quality first? If circulatory disorders occur once in a while and you can avoid or reduce the effects via regular ablution, it is not appropriate to assume command as the fulfillment of the promised divine grace which humans are obliged to be grateful?

c) Static electricity

Body usually has a balance of static electricity and physiology of healthy body is closely related to this electrostatic balance.

Atmospheric conditions as well as the plastic apparel and general products in our day can affect this balance. Painful disease, irritability, and wrinkles are the result of the most famous. Most of us have come to understand this when electricity from the car or after sitting in plastic chairs. Hurricane has a comparable effect. Healing with acupuncture and in some ways physiotherapy can correct this imbalance of static electricity but we can entirely avoid the effects simply by performing ablution several times a day.

There are many psychosomatic diseases arising from electrostatic imbalance. I would not think of it here. I will discuss only a question of skin care has become such a fashionable subject now.

The worst influence of static electricity is given continuously in the muscles of small subcutaneous (under the skin), ultimately making them do not operate that is why wrinkles set in, starting with the face even though the skin is affected throughout the body. At this point, many readers I would foresee at least one reason for the glowing appearance of people who have done all their lives ablution. Anyone who maintains regular washing habits certainly have a healthier and therefore more beautiful skin. How amazing it is that in our day, when millions were spent on cosmetics, a tenfold increase in spending will still not completely replace a simple wash.

No doubt, who do not know will ask, but it does not really ablution nothing to do with static electricity?

Of course not. Part of the paragraph relating to tayamum when water is not available for ablution, underscore the fact. For this replacement to perform ablutions also remove static electricity to a significant extent. Indeed, the importance of it until now had not recognized and no one was trying to explain why, tayyamum can substitute for ablution.

As this verse clearly states, sanitation aspect of ablution is a great blessing that we now can be partly explained in medical terms. Someone might say: But I’ve washed my face and my hands still. Let us remember, however, that the wider community as a habit, this practice has a very short history (nearly seventy years or more) even among countries that have a tendency to claim to be the most civilized in the world. More importantly, cleanliness based on a kind of good infrastructure can never be maintained with stability discipline in Islam is based on the relationship with worship.

To be sure value and importance of ablution does not end with the observation of medical, health derived from ablution also contribute to public health but here my goal has been made widely known precisely those additional health benefits.


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