Benefits of Turmeric for Beauty


Benefits of Turmeric – Turmeric is one of the original plants from Southeast Asia who now has spread almost all over the world. This plant is often used as a spice and flavor to dishes, especially the Asian population, even in some areas that still use the traditional way to give a yellow color on processed foods also use turmeric.

Besides used for purposes beneficial to the kitchen Turmeric Health and Beauty are already used by our ancestors in the past, such as addressing diarrhea and vomiting, ulcers, measles and cancer allergies As in the quotation of the following are benefits of turmeric for beauty.

Benefits of Turmeric for Beauty

1. Lifting the dead skin cells
If you have a lot of dead skin cells on your body, maybe Turmeric can use as an alternative to overcome it, the texture in turmeric can
remove dead skin cells on the skin, exfoliate gently without making the skin becomes irritated, way is to do a body scrub using a mixture of herbs and chickpea flour (gram / bean Arab / garbanzo beans) and turmeric powder.

2. Treating Acne
Small bumps on the face of it does make a lot of people upset, besides being sore Acne also makes us less confident when meeting with other people, one of the ways that you can use to overcome acne is by using a mask and turmeric ingredients, how to use it is by mixing three tablespoons of turmeric juice or one tablespoon of turmeric powder into honey and yogurt. Furthermore, the material you stir until evenly distributed and Last please use the potion into a mask, let stand ten to fifteen minutes and then rinse with clean water.

3 Reduce Fur
For men have a lot of fur on the body to be a plus because it looks interesting, but for the women of this state may even make it not so good, turmeric can be utilized to reduce the fur on the body, is to create a scrub of a mixture of turmeric powder in add flour chickpeas (pea arab / g / garbanzo beans). use this scrub twice a week and do it regularly for a month.

4. Overcome Oily Skin
It turns out that turmeric has anti-septic and anti-inflammatory that can be used to overcome the pigmentation on the skin and can make the skin becomes cold due to the burning sun, how to use it is by mixing powdered turmeric with cucumber juice and apply on the body for twenty to three twenty minutes to do routinely and regularly until the color of your skin to normal as usual.

5. Hair Loss and Dandruff
Dandruff make your head itch and make hair loss, the content of nutrients in poorer Turmeric can handle it, how to use it by applying grated turmeric into your head, do routinely and regularly in order to get maximum results.

Natural plant has become a natural material which is suitable in use to cope with various diseases and good for beauty treatments, one of which is Turmeric, as I describe some of its benefits over Maybe That benefits of turmeric plants for beauty that you can read, hopefully, beneficial to us all.


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