Benefits of Tea Leaves teak China To Health


Benefits of Tea Leaves teak ChinaBenefits of Tea Leaves teak China – China teak leaves or senna leaf which had been known in Indonesia some time ago as a slimming drug. However, is it true that the Chinese teak leaves really afford slimming? Here is a little review of the benefits of the Chinese teak leaves. Have you constipation problem? If true, this china teak leaf could be one solution because it functions well-known Chinese teak leaves can overcome the problem of constipation. China teak leaf tea will react eight hours after drinking, so do not worry if you feel heartburn. You can defecate because of the way it works is like that.

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According to sources, quote, you must set the time to consume this tea so as not to interfere with your activities. In the beginning you consume, drink this tea once a day. For the next day, you can take it twice a day. After use in a week, your stomach will not feel heartburn as at the first time drinking this tea, which needs attention is that you should not consume this tea twice a day exceeding laxativenya strong because the content could cause adverse effects to the health of your colon, thus you will feel the benefits of tea leaf china teak.

Benefits of Tea Leaves teak China

Leaf china teak is able to overcome the problem of constipation because it leaves contains Iaxative. Moreover, china teak leaf extract has anthranoid compounds that can cause contractions in the intestines. The Current. leaf china teak can be easily found in the market either in the form of tea bags or dried leaves.

China teak leaf tea is able to streamline the body. In addition, this tea is also able to clean the dirty blood, reduce cholesterol, eliminate toxins in the body, removes fat and helps facilitate defecation. If you have any problems with the digestive system, it is advisable to not consume this tea because it can interfere with your health, or if you are menstruating, you should not consume this tea leaf china teak beforehand because it can add to the discomfort arising from the menstruation.

If you want to consume this tea, it is recommended to drink after a meal and drink twice a day. How to make it quite easy as making tea in general. It is recommended to consume this tea when you’re not doing the activity. If in two or three days after drinking this tea you will frequent bowel movements, you do not need to worry, the side effects of the tea leaf china teak is because the fat will be removed along with dirt. In addition to the effects mentioned above, your body will feel fresh, easy to sweat and dirt you will be a little greasy fat participate due excluded. Furthermore, you do not have to worry because the tea leaf china teak is free from harmful chemicals.

To consume this tea, you need to look at the rules of usage that is placed in a glass or cup and pour about 250 ml of hot water into the cup or glass. Allow the first approximately fifteen minutes or until the water color changed to brown. Then drink while warm, or maybe you can add cold water and wait ten to twelve hours before drinking. But more practically, if using hot water and you can add honey to taste at the tea.

There is a ban on certain conditions in taking this ten. Such as pregnant women and breast-feeding because it can be harmful to the fetus and children under twelve years. The use of teak leaf tea china in the long term can lead to disruption of intestinal function. In addition, the use of high doses can eliminate the electrolytes and potassium and can cause dehydration. When you consume this tea is recommended that you consume lots of water.

It can be concluded that the tea leaf china teak is indeed efficacious in reducing weight and remove toxins in our bodies. If you are interested in taking ten leaves of the Chinese identity, you have to use it according to the rules and do not overdo it.



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