Benefits of Papaya Leaves For Health and Beauty

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Benefits of Papaya Leaves For Health and Beauty

The benefits of papaya leaves – Many of these plants are rich in benefits in all parts and these plants, ranging from fruits, stems, leaves, and even the roots can also be used for traditional medicine. Plant species that enter these criteria one example is papaya, papaya fruit in addition to the benefits that we can eat, well in advance though, papaya can be used for various purposes, such as prepared vegetables, and used as a food flavoring herbs.

Nutrient content contained in papaya leaves quite a lot of good for your health, nutrient content include vitamin C, vitamin Bi, calories, fat, vitamin A, protein, carbohydrate or carbohydrate. water and calcium, as well as papaya leaves are also quite good consumed by people with intestinal worms, because the content casposide content contained in papaya, is believed to be one remedy for worms.

Seeing the many benefits in papaya leaves, of course this will make a lot of people want to get the properties of papaya leaf so that the type of food that is based on papaya leaves quite a lot of us have encountered in rice shop and restaurant, although the taste is bitter but banya people who like the processed papaya leaves. As quoted from Wikipedia, the following are the benefits of papaya leaves that you should know.

Benefits of Papaya Leaves

1. Treating Whitish
Whitish is a disease in a woman’s genitals, as a result of this disease makes women affected will feel pain when urinating, there are two types of whiteness, the first is Normal and the second is abnormal, and the whiteness of the two groups are more at risk, of course, is whitish the Abnormal, because the whiteness makes the itching in the vagina and labia minora and occurs due to infection, then Normal vaginal discharge usually occurs once a month after and before menstruate. The whitish disease can not be considered trivial because at risk if left unchecked and not to be taken seriously because the disease is usually caused by viruses, bacteria, parasites and fungi. If whitish attacking you then Papaya Leaf can be used to overcome them. How to boil a piece of papaya leaves, pulasari and 50 grams of reeds into one point five liters of clean water, as was filtered decoction of the herb and drink, one time each day to get the maximum results.

2. Eliminate Acne
Acne is one of the problems that many complain about everyone, because of the presence of acne on the face and limbs Ialnnya, it will make us become less comfortable, in addition to less well when viewed people, acne also has a particularly poignant sense that ooze pus. By using potions are made from papaya leaves, you can eliminate acne with leaves that have a bitter taste, it is a way to make a potion with a few strands of Papaya Leaf drying, then dried leaves are brewed with clean water, then the result of steeping the leaves extract The papaya applies on areas that have a problem with acne.

3. Overcome Diarrhea
Diarrhea or what we are familiar with the term diarrhea, the disease can be seen when the poop or stool that we spend cain shaped, so it will continue to feel upset stomach and want to defecate despite repeatedly in and out of the shower. Diarrhea is usually caused by infection from viruses or bacteria. If you suffer from diarrhea then Papaya Leaf can use to handle it, how you can do that, a few strands of Papaya Leaf boiled with coconut oil into the water to taste, then if the papaya leaves wilted and paste it on your abdomen and set aside some time.

4. Eradicate Stomach Worms
If you are in the belly of stomach worms, the worms can be eradicated by using a potion made from papaya leaves. Boil a few strands of Papaya Leaf and Fennel pulowaras into two cups water, then extract the potion you drink before bed.

5. Treat Kidney Stones
Kidney stones or bladder stones is a disease that is largely attributable by hard objects such as stones present in the urinary tract, and will cause soreness, pain and even infection. Kidney stones can form in two places, the first one can be in the kidney, which can both also in the urinary tract. You can make potions from Papaya Leaf to cope with kidney stones. Boiled Papaya Leaf already washed into the water to taste. If completed in the stew boiled strain and drink. After drinking the water from the herb that you created earlier, and then drink coconut water. But to note that this method should not be used if you suffer from hypertension.

That the benefits of papaya leaves for beauty and health may be useful da
you suffer illness can be overcome with bitter leaves.

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