Benefits of Guava Leaf For Health


Benefits of Guava Leaf For HealthBenefits of guava leaf. Guava (Psidium Guajava) is a tropical plant that originated and the Americas Precisely Brazil. This crop up in Indonesia due to the trade of ThaiIand. The characteristics of guava have a green fruit pulp that has green and red and has a sweet and sour taste. In this article, instead of guava fruit that will be discussed, but the benefits of guava leaf As is generally known in Indonesia, that the seed leaves are beneficial to health. Usually, ordinary people make guava leaves this as a remedy for diarrhea and dysentery.

Guava leaves are useful for human health due to the existing content in the guava leaf. The content of guava leaves includes flavonoids and quercetin useful as an anti-bacterial. In addition, Guava leaves also contain saponins, essential oils, tannins, anti-mutagenic. and alkaloids. Well based on quotations from sehatcentercom. The following are the properties of guava leaves.

Benefits of Guava Leaf

1. Treating Diarrhea.
You’ll often hear and already know that guava leaves very
useful for treating diarrhea. Indeed, for the purposes of guava leaves this one is known by almost all the people of Indonesia. To treat diarrhea with guava leaves, you can directly consume them by chewing or making potions from guava leaves. Quite easy, take six leaves and mashed beans and give water to drink one glass. Squeeze the collision earlier and drink regularly twice a day until you heal diarrhea.

2. Treat heartburn
Guava leaves are also able to treat ulcer disease. Most people do not
know about the properties of guava leaves this one. To treat heartburn, you only need to boil eight guava leaves with a half liter of water to boil. Chill and drink the potion three times a day on a regular basis.

3. Treat the wound
Guava leaves can also be used as a drug to cure wounds. With content
astringent, guava leaves are able to stop the bleeding. You can chew 3
guava shoots then put on your wounds.

4. Treat vaginal discharge
To treat vaginal discharge with guava you just boil two handfuls of leaves
guava along with seven pieces of betel leaf with a glass of water. Filter and drink
This herb twice a day.

5. Treat hemorrhoid
If you are affected by hemorrhoids, you can try guava leaves as an alternative treatment. The trick is mashed young guava leaves along with bananas. Drink the juice of two material was routine to treat your hemorrhoid.

6. Overcome Acne
Guava was also able to overcome the problem of acne and remove blackheads. The way is to grind guava leaves are still young. Apply collision guava leaves exposed face acne or blackheads, Do this regularly so that your face will be free from the problem of acne and blackheads.

Well, now you already know what are the benefits of guava leaves in addition to treating diarrhea and dysentery. With the content contained in guava leaves this, it is not surprising if guava leaves have such great benefits to our health.


  1. Assalamualaykum! Ukht could you please specify the procedure of using it as treatment to hemorrhoids? Should I use blender or juicer to extract the juice?
    Thank you.


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