7 Benefits of Basil leaves for Health


Basil leavesThe benefits of basil leave many types of leaves that are around us useful for health,
one of which is basil. This leaves very usefully as made fresh vegetables, flavoring in
cooking, as well as serve a wide variety of other processed. Basil has a distinctive aroma
and fragrance so it is not without reason often fishy odor neutralizer used in fish.
Basil grows in many tropical regions and in American region and including annual
crops and trunked strapping,  this plant has trees are small,
about the size of cayenne pepper or tomato plants.

If you are a person who likes to eat traditional food
many are sold at roadside such as rice, cooking catfish, chicken dishes,
you may already be familiar with basil leaves, because
usually, small shaped leaves are often used as one of the vegetables
to accompany the food served, how to eat with
The way in dab into the sauce in the dining together with rice.
Besides, it tastes delicious. basil has many benefits
dl contained therein, as quoted and various sources, the following
are the benefits of basil leaves to the body that you need to know.

1. Mouth and Eyes
In the basil leaves, there are various kinds of vitamins, one of which is vitamin A
good for eye health, by consuming basil will treat
An infection that attacks the eyes. In addition to the eyes, the fragrance comes out and leaves
basil also will make our mouths be fresh, with so bad breath will
reduced if you eat the leaves of basil.

2. Fever
Fever or who are familiar with the fever usually we see the current temperature
our bodies become unreasonably increased, fever is a disease
can not be considered mild because of the fever then our activities will be disrupted.
The content contained in basil can be useful to reduce fever,
because it contains antioxidants and vitamin C.

3. Anti Implementation
If you have a problem with joint inflammation occurs then you can
use basil to overcome her, but it is also useful basil leaves
as anti implementation that can cure swelling

4. Nourish Men
Arginine substances that exist in the basil was able to add
fertility for men and will prevent infertility since these substances can extend
the lifespan of sperm in the male body,

5. Circulatory
One of the requirements for our bodies to be healthy is to have a smooth blood circulation, so the supply of nutrients and vitamins that are produced and distributed the food will be perfect, it turns out the content of cineol, magnesium, a mineral that is in
the basil leaves can make your blood circulation becomes smooth as it can be
stabilize the heart rate and widen the arteries.

6. Eliminate Body Odor
Body odor made us feel very shy and not confident, be it
dealing with a girlfriend with a friend even with co-workers use about
ten pieces per day with a basil leaf in the way of eating to cope with the smell of the
your body.

7. Improve Immune
If you want your body to stay healthy and vitamin then you can use basil leaves
to make your body is always healthy, beta-carotene and vitamin C content of the existing
in the leaves that can easily be met can stimulate the anti-body
later works to increase your body’s resistance.

That’s a little info about the benefits of basil leaves, basil consumption then and it is

regular routine to get the expected results, so you can

get the properties contained therein



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