Benefits Betel Leaves Red For Health


Benefits Betel Leaves Red – Betel leaf is one of the Indonesian native plants that grow propagate in the other tree trunk. Often chewed betel leaves along with gambier, nut, and lime. However, chewing betel turns
associated with oral cancer and can form a squamous cell carcinoma has a malignant nature.

And what about the red betel leaf? Did you know? In your mind for sure
thing. What kind of sin leaves red? Or is there a red betel leaf? indeed betel leaf
red is less popular than the regular betel leaf. Even still sparse research associated with this leaf. The benefits of red betel leaf are known through probate
down generations of ancestors because the leaves have been used since ancient.

In the red betel leaves contained various nutrients which are an alkaloid, saponins,
tannins, and flavonoids. Red betel leaves also contain essential oils, hidroksikavicol, eugenol,
cineole, carry of Elen, Kadima estradiol, pitch-penna, chavicol, kava betoil, allylprokatekol, carvacrol,
and phenyl pro pads. Seeing red betel leaf content is worth if the red betel leaf
has health-giving properties. As the author quotes and The following are the Benefits Betel leaf.

The benefits of red betel leaf

1. Overcoming inflammation of the liver
With flavonoids and saponins contained in red betel leaf,
This leaves very usefully to prevent inflammation in your liver. Inflammation or
inflammation occurs because the body detects an infection that attacks your body. The Thing
This is very reasonable because inflammation is one of the body’s defenses.

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2. Lowering blood sugar levels
Astaire oil content, as well as various substances present in betel leaf, has the effect
dermatologist which lowers your blood sugar levels. You can lower the
your blood sugar levels by eating the red betel leaf or
to make herb-based and red betel leaf.

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3. Relieve joint pain
Aside from being an anti-inflammatory, flavonoids are also able to act as a natural analgesic. Therefore, the content of flavonoids in red betel leaf which can be used to relieve the pain in your joints.


4. Lowering blood pressure
You can use red betel leaf as a drug to reduce pressure
your blood. This is due to the contents of red betel leaf capable
lowers your blood pressure. You can consume red betel leaf extract
or by making herb-based and red betel leaf

5. Treat vaginal discharge
Red betel leaves have antiseptic properties. Therefore, red betel leaf capable
used to treat vaginal discharge as well as keep your female organs. The way is easy, you just need to take 7 to 8 red betel leaves ago
The leaves boiled, use boiled water red betel leaves to rinse
You’re female organs. Do it this way many times that your female organs
free of whiteness.

Although his name is not as famous as his brother betel leaves and white, but red betel leaf also has properties
and benefits for our health. With a little review above. now you already know will
The benefits of red betel.






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