Banana and carrot as a natural remedy dysentery


As already known by many people, that dysentery is a disease that attacks the digestive organs particularly in the colon. Dysentery symptoms resemble as if you have diarrhea. However, that distinguish it from the form of feces that is released by the body. If dysentery, stool will come out in liquid form slimy or even up to bleed in the stool. Tackling this dysentery, could use antibiotics on referrals and doctor or can also use a natural remedy dysentery such as bananas and carrots.bananas

Did you know the cause of dysentery? Dysentery caused by consumption of unhygienic food. Usually the food you buy alongside a road and exposed indirectly with Iingkungan around. Snack food found in roadside sometimes unhygienic and there are even bad bacteria in these foods can disrupt the workings of your digestive organs. Therefore, try to keep the food you consume is clean and nice.

Do not be tempted will look tempting, especially prioritizing your health than your desire to consume a variety of foods is not clear how the processing. However, if it is stricken with dysentery, it helps you live by eating bananas and vegetables carrots. Then, why bananas and carrots can be a remedy for dysentery affected you?

This is because the vitamins and minerals found in bananas and carrots can be a giver of new energy for you are attacked by dysentery. At the time of this dysentery, your body will feel weak due to the condition of the body are continuously issuing the feces. Therefore, the consumption of bananas and carrots as a natural remedy dysentery will restore your energy is depleted due to the activity of defecation in the intensity of the time very often.

In addition, bananas and carrots have a good fiber for the body thus allowing you to stool back to normal. However, much better if it is in consultation with a doctor you trust. A few articles banana and carrot as a natural remedy dysentery. Hope it is useful !!!


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