My protector is hijab


Spiteful spy who likes to spread slander will not be able to see me. The beauty of my body can not be enjoyed by the eyes blackguard who used to sit in cafes, in the passing crowds, on stairs and elevators that do not have the bustle other than staring at a woman’s body. Islamic veil and dress makes their efforts fruitless. My body can not be touched by the crowd that goes on around me in public places. No one is envy, touching, and hurt.

Be careful my daughter!

With shameless young man said, “If you do not want to be a crocodile, you will be eaten by a crocodile.”

Expression was a principle of moral damages which everyone racing to a crime that would plunge him into the bottom of Hell. The first to fall to the bottom of hell is a young man who likes to seduce and tease the girls (to tarnish their self-esteem). Lest you become a victim of their cruelty. You need to know that the phrase was came out from his mouth on the television screen. The young man does not respect anyone, but when he was witnessed by many people and dirty words were heard by them. Imagine how very worse behavior that is not witnessed by many people.

Veil and dress sharia is a very effective means to prevent youth delinquency annoyance no good that he deliberately did or unintentional.

Science is the light of a torch, women students (prosecutor science) that are committed to the demands of his religion is women who are more familiar Allaah. Therefore, should it be a woman who loves Allah Subhanahu wa Ta’ala and draw closer to Him.

Dad Gave me Motivation

In the past, when I was a kid was about eleven or twelve-year-old father asked me to wear the hijab. Mother also often expressed the wish father. But at that time I did not want to wear a headscarf and Islamic dress since I was a child and did not realize that my body changes so rapidly in puberty.

As the days passed, my father asked me to wear a headscarf more frequently without forcing. Perhaps he was trying to get me ready to wear the veil on the basis of awareness of myself. The conclusion that I understand from the way he did in giving motivation. He often praised me when I’m wearing the veil and dress syar’i and said that he wanted a dress like that I should wear.

I feel the inner pressure (indecision) for some time, because I realized that wearing the veil and dress sharia is the command of Allah Subhanahu wa Ta’ala should I implement but on the other hand the girls around me did not wear the veil and sharia clothing. I’m afraid to be a woman in the middle of their strange, especially since I’m not yet reached the age of puberty are also not getting enough motivation from family and other people, especially teenage girls. They all said, “You are still a child.”

I kept trying to wear the veil as soon as possible. Until one day my father give me a surprise. He wrote beautiful words, give gifts and enough money to buy new clothes. I became confused and not cause any problems the veil but I also thought about when I was going to wear the hijab. Then I received a gift from his father and asked for some money from him. This is the first step that I do to be a veiled woman (and dressed sharia).

Alhamdulillah, finally I will obey the orders of my father and my mother heard suggestions. Once I got used to wearing the veil and sharia clothing I can understand that what is said by most women is contrary to what I feel. I understand that what they say is nothing but lies of the devil who always tries to mislead women. I feel the the veil is the best clothes for me.

Expectations from the heart

Do you encourage other women to not wear a the veil like you. You have taken a personal decision. Give a chance to the sisters to determine its own decisions. Help her look for the good, do not you please Satan and his followers are always eager to spoil the Eve.

A misunderstanding

Many women who understand that the shari’ah new veil and clothing will be worn if they are going to carry out the Hajj or Umrah. This is a misconception. If you want to carry out the goodness then do not put it off until tomorrow. Hajj and Umrah is obligatory Sunnah muakkad. There is no stipulation that the new Islamic veil and clothing should be worn, the woman wanted to carry out the Hajj or Umrah. It is a habit that is not true and the lies of the devil. The best of which virtue is immediately implemented.

Hijab Warms My body and My skin Keeping Fixed White

1. By wearing the hijab I feel the warmth in the winter also can keep the moisture of my body in other seasons, especially summer. Hijab prevents dry skin problems can also provide natural moisture.

2. My skin is smooth, soft and radiant white throughout the year, especially in the summer, because it maintained from ultraviolet rays that can burn.

3. I felt as a woman who is energetic, lively, and many get a blessing from Allah Subhanahu wa Ta’ala.

The call from the father to all of his daughter

This is an call from a father who wants very good for her daughter, appeal from an advisor who suffered, watching, listening, and treat a variety of problems young women who become victims of false love and flattery persuasion are forbidden.

As a father I was told, do not drift of young people now who likes flirting (and dating) even if you are not prohibited from doing so by the parents in the family environment; because love is the ultimate and only pure sincere love of Allaah, His Messenger and Jihad in His way and love to parents, husband, and children.

Suffice you establish love with Allaah as a human being of course we like to get the praise and flattery comes from parents, a good friend, and husband.

My daughter, beware, do not fall prey to the misguided man crocodiles and inattentive. Be the shy woman, always keep her honor, always pious, and always be patient to resist the urge (which is bad).

Do not give an opportunity to the devil and his followers to rip the hijab home between young men and women. Know how much praise and flattery resulted in unlawful acts.

My daughter, tell your mother, “What I’m expressing your love to me.”



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