Animals for Qurban does not feel pain during being slaughtered

Animals for Qurban does not feel pain during being slaughtered

Statement of Qurbani animals does not feel pain when being slaughtered was true. It is evident from the research conducted by Dr. Hazim and Prof Wilhelm Schulze,farm staff from Hannover university located in Germany. Their research is a study to determine where the pain is felt by the animal when slaughtered.

Which is more pain to the Islamic way of slaughtering or by not Islamic? How slaughter carried out by the Islamic Shari’a, it is done using a sharp knife pure. While on the way is not Islam, which is about to be slaughtered animals usually do so pass out first hit on the animal, then the animal after fainting hit over the head to death.

In the research staff of the farm store electrode (microchip)is better known by the term Electro Encephalograph (EEG). Then be mounted on the surface of the brain of the animal that touches the pain points (panel). It is used to note and record the degree of pain caused by when the animal is slaughtered.

In addition, at the heart of these animals also kept Electro-Cardiograph (ECG) which has a function to record the activity of the heart when the blood of these animals out when slaughtered. Installation of the two electrodes was done a few weeks before the date the slaughtering. This is aimed so the animal can adapt to both the microchip storage in parts of his body.

Slaughterhouse Under Islamic Sharia

As already mentioned earlier, that Islam does not teach to slaughter animals in a way that is done a beating beforehand pass out. But rather by how immediately cut it using a sharp knife right on the three lines found on the neck, section of the respiratory tract, eat, and also two sections of blood vessels, including the carotid artery and jugular vein.

In the slaughter of animals in Islamic law, was in the first three seconds, which is after the three lines are disconnected from the neck of slaughtered animals, discovered that there is no change or any indication of pain in the EEG graph.

Then in the next three minutes then there is a decrease in the chart on the EEG that occurs gradually and is almost equal to the incidence graph decline during sleep so that the animal is completely lost consciousness. At that time noted that the ECG heart activity began to increase outstanding, and after six seconds of his limbs blood was pumping out.

It is a form of reflection between the movement of the heart and spinal cord that coordinate with each other. So this is expressed as a form of no pain at all when the animal is slaughtered. Because the blood of the animal is being pumped out it before, then the meat produced is a form of healthy meat for consumption.

Slaughterhouse Based on Method Not Islam

Slaughtering an animal sacrifice by not Islamic, it is done with the beating in order to pass out first. The pass out the animal that carried out up the animal staggered and was unconscious, so that the animal is to be slaughtered and not thrashing, so it did not seem to feel pain.

In the un-Islamic way of the slaughtering with this, Blood is removed from the body of animals slaughtered less when compared to animals slaughtered using Islamic Shari’a. But in the process of the Islamic way it was noted that there was an increase in the EEG, which means that there is pressure from the pain felt by the sacrificial animals.

Based on the results of these two studies, eventually, it can be seen that the slaughter by Islamic Shari’a is best. Because when the animal thrashed it is not the expression of pain the animal, but only the form of expression of muscular and nervous shock, that is precisely when the blood pouring out of his body. Through these studies that are eventually we can also find out turns Sacrifice animals do not feel pain when slaughtered.


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