Angel of Death Laughing and Crying When Revoking The Lifeblood


Allah SWT. asked the angel of death: “Do you ever cry when you take the lives of children and grandchildren of Adam?”

The angel then replied: “I never laugh, never was crying, and had also surprised and shocked.”

“What makes you laugh?”

“When I was getting ready to kill somebody, I saw him say to a shoemaker, ‘Make the best shoes that can be worn for a year’,”.

“I laughed because that person has not had time to wear the shoes he had pulled out his life.”

Allah SWT. then asked: “What makes you cry?”

Then the angel said: “I cried when they wanted to kill a pregnant woman in the middle of a barren desert, and was about to give birth. So I waited until the baby was born in the desert. Then pulled out her life in tears upon hearing the baby crying because no one knows it. ”

“Then what makes you surprised and shocked?”

Angel replied: “I was surprised and shocked when they wanted to kill one of you ulama. I saw a bright light came out of her room, every time I approached the light was getting menyilaukanku seemed to want rid of me, then pulled out his life with the light. ”

Allah asks again: “Do you know who he was?

“Do not know, O God.”

“Truly man is the infants of mothers who do you pull down his life in the arid desert, I am the guard and do not let it.” [Dedih mulyadi / islampos / book of essays imam Tadzkirah Qurthubi]


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