Ancient stories – Prophet Muhammad make a funny stories to old lady

Ancient stories of Prophet Muhammad

The ancient story at the time of Prophet Muhammad. Life without funny story will feel lonely and deserted so the lack of smiles and laughter. People who comforted because for him include good deeds as an example of the behavior of the Prophet Muhammad to an old lady.

The ancient story about the Prophet joke to an old lady who met this indicates that Muhammad also had a sense of humor. 

Messenger of Allah is a great man who has a commendable attitude and behavior. He was known as a firm leader, husband, and father of loving and obedient servant. Even though he is known by the honorable nature, unexpectedly also he also has a sense of humor.

He can put where the right moment to joke and time to be serious. He also made a joke without hurting someone’s heart so as not to exceed the limits. The sense of humor that makes him immensely loved by a lot of people.

If we make the Prophet Muhammad set an example that we should also have a good sense of humor as Messengers of Allah. What happens if the Messenger of Allah has a hardness in Islam teaches its followers may be hard anyway.

His sense of humor is necessary to be owned by the clergy or conveyor of Da’wah to entice Muslims to listen to what we say carefully. Sometimes, something we say with the humor can be more easily understood by the audience.

One day there was an old woman approached the Messenger of Allah and the Prophet praying states that in order to get into heaven. Messenger of Allah then said that in heaven there will be no old people like her.

Hear what is said by the Prophet, the grandmother was unable to contain his sadness to tears because he felt if he can not get into heaven he would regret it. After his grandmother cry, Messenger of Allah instead put a smile on her face and calming feeling grandmother.

The Messenger of God said that elderly people like his grandmother did not go to heaven because in it all elderly people will be transformed into virgin girls were charming. After that, the Prophet recited the word of Allah means that Allah created the angels directly and make them virgins.

After hearing this, the grandmother also came to understand over jokes Prophet and he put a smile on her face. Rasul Allah said, if he had faith to be a good Muslim then in the Hereafter he will first be a virgin before entering paradise. With feeling pleased old lady laughed until toothless visible.

After reading the story of the Prophet the humor above, display that although the Prophet a leader firm in preaching and resilient in the war, he also has a sense of the humor that can make people around him laugh.