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jannah and hell
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(Discussion on Letter Shaad Az Zumar verse 50 and verse 71 & 73)

Gates of Heaven

Allah says in the letter Shaad verse 50:

جَنَّاتِ عَدْنٍ مُّفَتَّحَةً لَّهُمُ الْأَبْوَابُ

Gardens of perpetual residence, whose doors will be opened to them.

Heaven ‘Eden, God promised it to us, whose doors are left open to them. The word ‘Mufattahah’ مفتحة in Arabic means something that is on hold in order to open continuously. That suggests that there are assigned to let it stay open.

Allah describes this way, describe as all the doors of heaven had been detained in order to remain open. The doors will not open when the end of the day, but is open from now. The word ‘Mufattahah’ that means different from the ‘Maftuha’. ‘Maftuha’ that means to open the door. ‘Mufattahah’ means keep him wide open.

Just imagine, you had a visitor. The door was closed. They had to stand outside, tapping the bell, knocking on the door, waiting for you to open the door, then he can enter.

You can also make guests uncomfortable with making conditions very convenient for the guests. What for instance? You leave the door open. But despite that, the guests saw the door was open, and he said, “I do not know, do I have to press the bell, ask permission before entering, as Allah says in Surah An Nuur verse 27, that before given permission, then it should not be entered home”

Try to imagine a third scenario, where you assign someone to keep the door, such as your child or someone else, you assign them to hold open the door and greet guests as they come in, so that the guests do not feel uncomfortable and wait.

It is a form of loving Allah in Surat Sad. He left the door kept open heaven. That was one reason I want to share with you about the letter Sad. In beautiful language.

Gates Of Hell

Try to notice what which God hath spoken in Surat Az Zumar, Subhanallah … very beautiful. Here God talks about people who go to Hell. I will explain as well. Surat Az Zumar verse 71:

وَسِيقَ الَّذِينَ كَفَرُوا إِلَىٰ جَهَنَّمَ زُمَرًا ۖ حَتَّىٰ إِذَا جَاءُوهَا فُتِحَتْ أَبْوَابُهَا

And those who disbelieved will be driven to Hell in groups until, when they reach it, its gates are opened…….

Unbelievers will be forced. ‘Tsaqo’ means pushing someone quickly, they were told to hurry to get to Hell Hell. In another verse in the Qur’an explained that roar is heard from Hell was very loud and people can hear it even though it is outside. If someone is encouraged to enter, the closer to the gates of hell then he will roar grew louder, right? So the more reluctant he is to move forward, but there are angels, they will be pushed quickly, will continue to be driven until they arrive in Hell.

Allah says, that these people will be divided into several groups. ‘Zumara’, meaning that in large groups. Grouped, these people like to do nasty, these people who devour usury, which got a wealth of additional interest, these people like to eat the forbidden foods, these people are halal career and his business is questionable, These people are addicted to alcohol, drug addiction and these other types of opium, is addicted to drugs and other types of opium, these people are cheating and fond of lying, these people who damage the reputation of others and painful words, they are people who do not respect the parents, these people who have problems temperament and proud of yourself, so it is difficult advised.

They are grouped according to their sins. Each group was also thrust into Hell, حتى إذا جاءوها “Hatta idzaaa uuha jaa”, upon arriving they reached the front door of hell. When they were in front of the gates of Hell, then God said فتحت أبوابها “futihat abwaabuha” then opened the door of Hell.

In Arabic mentioned, you know about the statement of cause and effect? It could also be a statement ‘when and then’. I explain what that means. When they reached the front Hell, then the gates of Hell open. It’s part a result of that statement. Understand the point? This means that the doors of hell were open yet. Hell door open when they arrived. Think about this.

Allah says that the door was already open heaven, but Allah does not say that the doors of hell are already open. It’s beautiful, right? Open, because he could not wait so that the faithful can enter. Ready to welcome guests, enter into Heaven. But Hell is not a place that God intended that man entered. He did not want people going to hell. Then he let the door closed

There are another  similarity lessons. Why should the prison doors open? The door was supposed to be a closed prison. The only one, two times, when the prison door is opened is when the culprit entered, and when he came out. Only that time. The mercy of Allah is that the new Inferno door will open when they are right in front of the door. Similarity article names of heaven and hell could be gain your knowledge.



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