A Mother’s Strength


A woman destined by God is weak physically, but not with his soul. If a woman is able to manage his soul well .. He will be a strong woman, strong in any underwent a colorful life.

Life is like a spinning wheel. Sometimes below and sometimes above .. Then it should be for a woman is to re-arrange their souls closer to God because then that makes the original physical weak become strong in the face of the storms of life.

Call it woman was a mother.. She will bodied, strong, steel-minded when confronted with such a sick family member there, whether the husband, child or parent. Because of his soul in order, he will be a powerful exceeds a man (husband), at one time he could take care of a child, a husband, a house, and not to mention his work (for the career). That may be the new kid one, then what if the child is more than one could be two, three, four and so on? It turns out he enabled God in taking care of all that.

Outstanding ya.. Then why a mother is strong? Because he spoke to his soul, ” O soul, now I am a mother of so my son and I were the wife of my husband and I were the head of the household .. Suppose himself is not strong, then who will take care of everything? Ya Rabb strengthened me.. In my role undergo any “. That’s key strengths woman.. Indeed, physically weak, but strong spirit.. Because she always tried to strengthen themselves with the mindset that establishment.

Mothers.. Trust me. Allah gives the best role for you. Because God loves you so that God gives the task that has been measured in accordance abilities. Then keep hold themselves to God, leave all that to only Him. Ask His strength so that you can carry out your mandate as a mother. Yasarkumullah.


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