9 Ways to Treat Hemorrhoids Naturally


how to treat hemorrhoids naturally ingredients is always in search of the hemorrhoid sufferers. The cause of the symptoms of hemorrhoid pain had often unknown but should be done immediately or take medication hemorrhoid treatment without surgery. When it feels the symptoms of hemorrhoids, using traditional ingredients is easier to mix and make it.

Treat Hemorrhoids Naturally

Expected to use traditional ingredients will not give side effects are bad for your health. Moreover, traditional medicine is safe for the human body, especially organs. As quoted from manfaat.com, the following herbs as a way to treat hemorrhoid.

How to Treat Hemorrhoids

1. Leaves Sambong
Piles can be overcome with a potion made from the leaves sambong main ingredient, and the materials that you need to provide to make this herb include 18-27 grams of leaves of young sambong, 5-6 grams of fennel, 3-4 grams of whiting, 3-4 cups clean water. How mixes are the young leaves sambong then mixed with fennel and whiting, then boiled with water until the water was boiling, then water is taken approximately 2-3 times a day.

2. Leaves Guava
Rinse and 5-6 pieces of guava leaf buds on the young, also 1 banana peeled stone unnecessary. Puree or mashed and squeezed to produce juice. Drink water that has squeezed every day on a regular basis until your hemorrhoid disease cured.

3. Aloe Vera
Take the flesh and half aloe leaf that has been cleaned and remove the leaves. Grate and add half a cup of cooking water and 2-3 tablespoons of honey. Stir the mixture and then strain the water. Drink filtered water 2-3 times a day until healed. In helping process more effective treatment, apply aloe vera juice that has been mixed norit and gambier powder as needed in the anal region are ill or suffering from a hemorrhoid.

4. Ants Nest
Plants anthill or known (Myrmecodia pendans) contains flavonoids and tannins are quite high and the proven efficacy of treating hemorrhoids. If difficult to get materials and plants that naturally anthill. You can also buy ready-made capsules and sold in the market. Take the ant nest capsules as directed on the package with on a regular basis until your hemorrhoid heal.
5. Leaves Salak
Boil 3-4 leaves and bark in 1 cup of water. Strain then add brown sugar to taste Drink 2-3 times a day regularly. This is only for a hemorrhoid treatment that has not been too severe and the disease usually recover within 14 days.

6. Garlic
Mash until smooth then squeeze garlic to taste and take the water. Apply garlic juice results in anal area every day.

7. Banana Seeds
Grate 1 banana seeds or other banana juice take it then Mix juice with a fennel pulosani necessary banana and 1 piece and palm sugar, then stirred and thereafter can be filtered and drunk.

8. Tape Cassava
Eat cassava really ripe (very soft) 3 times a day on a regular basis. Perform this habit despite hemorrhoid symptoms have disappeared. Tape and other materials eg sticky tape white or black sticky tape is also able to cure hemorrhoids, including the hemorrhoids that have severe or end-stage though. It is said that there is content on the tape can be healthy for our digestion and sewer.

Hopefully, the discussion, treat hemorrhoids naturally this could be useful, and you suffered hemorrhoid disease can be cured quickly.




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