9 Benefits of chocolate from cacao


Who is not familiar with the food and beverage products on this one, brown? Food and drinks produced from cacao plant are the belle of almost all age groups. Let the children, even adults make food and beverage as their favorite. In addition to food, favorite chocolate also contains many benefits for health, Here we discuss the Benefits of Chocolate From Cacao.

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Overview of fruit Brown

The origin of the term brown

Brown terms in the language of the Aztecs came from the word “xocolatl”, which means a bitter drink. At first chocolate consumed as a beverage made frothy, sometimes sprinkled with red pepper, vanilla, honey or other spices. Taste bitter and fat. In the end, the use of spices is removed and began to add sugar, milk etc. The Indians of Mexico called it “chocolate” comes from the word “choco” which means the foam (foam) and “atl” meaning water.

Definition of cocoa beans and brown

Cocoa beans are defined as seeds produced by plants cocoa (Theobroma cacao Linn), which has been fermented, cleaned and dried. Chocolate is a food made from the seed (seed) tropical plant called cocoa (Teobroma cacaoL). Teobroma derived from the Greek which means “food of the gods” (foods of gods).Coklat is a food system with a discontinuous phase in the form of cocoa butter but sometimes can also be mixed with other types of fat as well as a solid discontinuous phase consisting of sugar, cocoa and milk.

Processing of Cocoa Beans Being Brown

In general, the processing of cocoa beans into chocolate through several stages of the process. Here is information on how the processing of cocoa beans into chocolate:

Some content of chocolate as caffeine, theobromine, methyl-xanthine, and phenylethylalanine believed to improve mood and reduce fatigue so that it can be used as an anti-depression medication. And here are some of the health benefits of chocolate for:

1. Benefits of Chocolate for High Cholesterol – When you eat chocolate, you also have the ability to consume flavonoids beneficial antioxidants known to lower bad cholesterol types, LDL. LDL damage arteries and can increase our chances of getting heart disease or heart attack.

2. Benefits of Chocolate for High Blood Pressure – Chocolate and cocoa contain flavonoids, which have good quality. One of the benefits of flavonoids is to lower blood pressure.

3. Benefits of Chocolate for Diabetes – Eating dark chocolate in moderation has been shown to increase blood sugar processing, which can reduce the risk of diabetes.

4. Benefits of Chocolate for Cough – Experts have discovered that theobromine, a compound found in cocoa, can reduce cough by affecting the sensory nerve endings of the vagus nerve that runs through the airways in the lungs.

5. Benefits of Chocolate for Heart Disease – Patients with liver disease benefit from chocolate because of antioxidant-rich compounds have been shown to reduce high blood pressure in the liver and reduces damage to the blood vessels of the liver.

6. Benefits of Chocolate for Blood Clots – Those who eat chocolate are known to be slow in the transfusion of blood clots when done. This helps prevent blood clots that can cause heart attacks.

7. Benefits of Chocolate for Cancer – Although chocolate can not cure cancer, but it has a preventive benefits such as reducing cell damage that can lead to tumor growth.

8. Benefits of Chocolate for Stroke – Compounds containing flavanols found in chocolate, called epicatechin, has been found to guard against stroke damage.

9. Chronic Fatigue Syndrome – Instead of drinking soda or coffee when you feel tired, eat chocolate square to increase your energy level. In small doses, caffeine in chocolate would provide benefits for preventing chronic fatigue.cokelat



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