7 Benefits of Pandan leaves for health


Benefits of Pandan Leaves – Plants that have quite fragrant aroma is proved to have many benefits for our lives, pandanus leaves are often used as a deodorizer on the cake. because the cakes are made by adding fragrant pandan juice and will make it more tasty and delicious when eaten.

In addition to the cultivation, pandanus plant also grows wild, can even be found near the house or garden however, there also pandanus in the cultivation by farmers to sell to the market or the manufacturer of cake pandan juice.

Several types of snacks that we often encounter dl roadside like porridge marrow, ice dawet and others who use pandan leaves as one of its fragrance materials, in addition to cheap and easy in the can, pandan leaves equally with the fragrance of food that can be we find in the store, because fragrant pandan leaves formed naturally.

Pandan leaves contain essential nutrients, including : saponin, polyphenol, tannin, pigment, alkaloida. In addition to scent the food or beverage, pandan also has other benefits that are not less remarkable.

Pandan leaves are also efficacious overcome various diseases and useful for health. As quoted from wehealt.info. The following is the pandan leaves for health benefits.

Benefits of Pandan Leaves

1. Lowering high blood pressure

High blood pressure are at risk of stroke, and the characteristics of this disease are always feel dizzy and tired so it will greatly hamper our activities. If you are exposed to high blood then must avoid various kinds of blood booster foods which would make things worse.

Plants that need you are trying to cope with high blood pressure are the fragrant pandan leaves. How to make her potion to take pandan leaves to taste later in the mix in two cups of water and boiled, wait until the water remains one glass after boiled, drink half a cup in the morning and the rest of his half again in the afternoon, do regularly and regularly in order to create a more normal blood pressure.

2. Eliminate tinea versicolor

tinea versicolor disease occurs because it is caused by a fungus that grows on the skin, so the skin becomes itchy and turns white, however there is also a certain skin color into a different color such as red.

With pandan leaves, you can eliminate the fungus on the skin with pandan leaves, which is easy enough to soften a handful of fresh pandan leaves then squeeze and take the water, then mix in the salt water and the results of the juice drink one glass a day for three days on a regular basis .

3. Eliminate Dandruff

Itchy and hot hair and scalp flaking? it means that you are exposed to dandruff, the presence of dandruff on the head can also cause hair loss, you can use the leaves as a natural herb eliminate dandruff is pandan leaves, you prepare about ten fresh pandan leaves and mashed until completely smooth, then add enough water and water from mixture leaves the Pendan.  You wipe the hair, use this procedure before shampooing, set aside some time and last wash your hair thoroughly.

4. Hair Loss

If you have any problems with your hair loss, you can use a solution that is by using pandan leaves, until the same way as I mentioned above, that is by setting up a few strands of pandan leaves and then crushed and the juice results from the pandan leaves you apply to your hair and let stand one to two hours, then rinse your hair thoroughly, doing this way in the morning.

5. Weak Nerves

Abnormalities in the garbage we can recognize easily that frequent cramps, this disease occurs due to the reduction of existing nerve stimulation to specific body parts that have previously been available in full and sufficient.

Nervous weakness to be overcome by using pandan leaves, way they are presented with a small chopping fresh pandan leaves three strands, then you boiled with three cups of water, let stand in the furnace until the remaining water into two glasses. separate waste and water decoction of the pandanus, then drink filtered water as much as a glass, drink this potion in the evening and morning.

6. Rheumatism

Although arthritis often affects people who are elderly, but not a few young people affected by this disease, arthritis usually occurs due to frequent cold or too long soak in the water, to cope with pandan leaves, you prepare three pieces of fresh pandan leaves then you thin slices, then if all you mix already in slices evenly with coconut oil as much as half a cup that is already in the heat, set aside some time, if it is cold please you rub on the affected part of your body rheumatism.

7. Increase Appetite

At certain times we must have felt that his name is less appetite, this situation will make our body vulnerable to disease, because nutrition and vitamins needed by the body is not well supplied with food is good because we are lazy to eat, if you feel less appetite eating, pandan leaves can be made into natural ingredients to increase appetite.

Prepare approximately ten grams of pandan leaves and boiled with three glasses of mineral water until the remaining one cup, and drink twice a day to get the maximum results.

You want to make pandan leaf tea. This means makes it :

Ingredients :

  • 4 pandan leaf, tied be one
  • 5 grains of cardamom
  • 1 vertebra finger ginger
  • 2 tablespoons palm sugar

How to make it :

  • Heat three cups of water. After boiling put all the ingredients except palm sugar. Boil over medium heat for 10 minutes. Pick up and add the palm sugar in accordance with your favorite.

That some of the benefits of pandan leaves, which have a good fragrance for the health of the human body. may be useful for all of us and started to like plant that has a fragrant aroma.


  1. I never thought there are benefits with Pandan leaves!thanks for the info and it’s easy to plant them!

  2. I’m a diabetics and I have high blood pressure. I’m interested in finding out about where to purchase pandan leaves or the liquid from pandan leaves.

  3. could i use pandan in treatment for stomach cramps that i am experiencing in the lower left side of my stomach.. its been 3 months yet im still having discomforts.. please help.. tnx. and much appreciated

  4. In the Philippines I know pandas leaves grow quite wild and in massive quantities in well suitable soil and atmosphere. Nevertheless, there is a female and a male panda leaves; my relatives in the Philippines have always emphasised the health benefits of this plants especially on hypertension, but for the like of me I cannot remember which of the gender pandan leaves is suitable to help reduce hypertension ; can someone help thank you. Mrs . H


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