7 benefits of cucumber for health

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Benefits Of Cucumber – Cucumber including vegetable that has many benefits, why is that? Benefits of cucumber in the world of beauty, health up to the treatment, cucumber can be used for medicine. Cucumbers are often consumed as a companion while eating, fresh cucumber with a high water content makes this vegetable preferred by many people, a fresh sensation that makes people like to eat cucumber.

In this information, we will share things about the efficacy of cucumbers more, good for health, beauty and for treatment. Cucumber has the essential nutrients needed by the body so it is good when consumed, but remember not to consume cucumbers in large quantities. Come let us refer to 7 the usefulness of cucumbers from the Wikipedia
will add your insight regarding the usefulness of cucumber and cucumber in a variety of needs.

The benefits of cucumber

1. Detox Experience
Did you know that cucumbers could be used as a natural detox the body? You should know that the amount of water in the cucumber that pretty much makes the poison in the body dissolved in urine and sweat. So if you eat a cucumber, it means you are in the process of dissolving the toxins in the body.

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2. Cancer Prevention
Reason cucumbers are able to prevent cancer because the cucumber has substance lignin that can protect the body that is not affected by the cancer cells, both breast cancer, uterine cancer and several other types of cancer.

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3. Boosting the immune system
The immune system in the body can be increased by eating cucumbers. Cucumber
has a high content of vitamin C to help the body maintain the immune system and protects the body so as not susceptible to disease. So the cucumber into nutrients for those who have busy by giving intake of vitamin C
to keep you strong and healthy.

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4. Prevent Constipation
Constipation is often experienced by someone whose lack of fiber and fluids, if you want to get rid of constipation, you can consume cucumbers as an alternative. In addition to digestive system, cucumber also maintain the health of the organs in the abdomen in order to stay healthy.

5. Balancing Blood Pressure
Known as a vegetable cucumber useful for lowering high blood pressure. This is because the cucumbers are magnesium and potassium that can balance the blood pressure in the body. For those of you who have hypertension can regularly consume cucumbers, but in reasonable quantities.

6. Control Cholesterol
For those of you who have high cholesterol levels. You can consume cucumbers for lowering blood cholesterol levels. Substances cucumber plant sterol useful for lowering cholesterol in the body.

7. Treating Diabetes
Cucumbers also have the ability to treat diabetes. this is because the cucumber has several compounds that are proven to lower blood sugar.

So for you fans of cucumber, some of the information above is good news for You all, still consume cucumbers as the prevention of some diseases. However, on the other hand you also have to be vigilant because some diseases prohibits someone to consume cucumbers. Particularly for women who often experience vaginal discharge. In this case you are not recommended to consume cucumbers in large quantities. Because minerals in cucumber little more influence female sex organs humidity.

So are 7 benefits of cucumber to health and treatment. For beauty, you can use cucumber to reduce eye puffiness and make fresh eyes. On the other hand, cucumbers able to make facial skin becomes firmer and youthful. Wait for the next interesting tips that serves other useful information.

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