7 Benefits of Celery leaves For Body Health


Benefits of celery leaves. Celery is one of the plants that are very famous in Indonesia and even the world. The scientific name is Apium graveolens L celery, celery itself is included in vegetables and medicinal plants. Celery own entrance in Indonesia because
brought by the Dutch to give flavor to the soup. Unlike in Indonesia, in Europe celery used in almost every part of both the leaves, stems, and tubers celery.

Actually, celery not only can provide a delicious flavor to the dish but can be used as medicine. Indeed, there are still many people who do not know the benefits of celery
it is. The content of multivitamins contained in celery leaves and serve as a powerful antioxidant to maintain a healthy body. Not only have the flu, stay the calcium content in the leaves at the trust was able to calm the nerves.Benefits of Celery leaves For Body Health

How can it be beneficial to health celery? So far, celery is used to
food flavoring. All possible if we look at the usefulness of celery. The following will explain the various properties of celery leaves taken from Wesehat.com.
Celery contains various vitamins such as vitamin A, vitamin B, C, vitamin E
and vitamin K which is very useful for health.

Benefits of Celery leaves

1. Treating arthritis
Boil a handful of celery leaves with two cups of water until the remaining one cup of water. Once cool, strain and drink the potion one glass a day on a regular basis.

2. Treating dry eye
To treat dry eye, you just need to pound the leaves of Moringa leaf celery and each half-cell. Once smooth, add the salt to the tip of a spoon and a glass of water that has been cooked. Mix until blended herb celery leaves
then squeeze to take water. Drinking the juice three times a day.

3. Lowering high blood
Mash until smooth 100 g celery that has been washed clean. Add one cup
water then squeeze to take water. Water was the result of juice, then boiled up
boil. Chill and drink the potion twice a day.

4. Relieves cough
Boil 30 grams of celery with three cups of water. Cool and add honey
taste. Drink the mixture twice a day to treat your cough.

5. Treat Colic
Boil 60 grams of celery and red ginger one segment that has been chopped with two glasses of water. After the water left over half, cool then strain and add palm sugar Drink the potion once a day.

6. Nourish hair
Finely crushed seven to ten stalks celery until smooth. Apply on the hair and massage your scalp. Do it this way once a week to keep your hair fertility.

7. Lowering Cholesterol
Vitamin C in celery is very useful for those of you who cholesterol disease because vitamin C is able to reduce levels of cholesterol in your blood.

Now that you know how useful celery for human health, in addition to
able to give flavor to dishes, it turns out one of the benefits of celery are also able to
improve and maintain the health of your body. The thing to remember is for mothers
being followed, it is recommended not to consume celery because it can reduce levels
milk may be useful.


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