6 Habits common and often do that cause Smartphone Not Sustainable


Every person who has, of course, want goods can possessions durable and lasting. Moreover, the Smartphone is already a “device mandatory” at this time. The problem is, the smartphone can be no durable and can not last long, precisely because of turbulence “act” of the owner himself. Without realizing it, many smartphone owners are actually having and doing habits that make her smartphone device quickly broken. And the more troublesome habit like this actually is a common and often do.Smartphone Durability

What habits that make the smartphone quickly broken?
This is her sixth Causes that Make Smartphones Not Sustainable :

1. Never cleaned
Not just any smartphone all the other devices that were never cleaned, besides looks slovenly will also cause be not durable. Especially on Smartphone devices. To note, a smartphone was no less dirty with a toilet. A smartphone turned out to be the breeding millions of germs.

2. There is never turned off.
Try to note any current smartphone users, especially in young users. They never completely shut off its smartphone devices. Full 24-hour use. Though the name of the smartphone, it is also like a human. Although a tool, the smartphone also need a break. If the smartphone you never rest, then do not blame it if it becomes ill, in other words, is he will be damaged, or not durable. Because it was once upon a time on a regular basis, shut down and rest your smartphone.

3. Charging the whole night.
Which is usually due to “join” the second point above. Because after use it out and want to continue to be used after that, so there is an indication of the battery will be depleted, then the Smartphone directly in charge or charged for the whole night. The hope is that the next day can also be used as an all-out again. But you know this way, instead of durable, smartphones became not durable. Especially on the battery. The battery can be quickly leaking, bulging or even bursting. At least exhausted or even quickly exhausted.

4. Wi-Fi and Bluetooth are always in an active state
It is also a habit that is often encountered. Once switched on / enabled, then tub rarely turned off the WiFi or Bluetooth back. If both of these features in an always-on, the smartphone will be forced to work continuously. Because the device will attempt to find a network that can be captured. As a result, the smartphone will continue its depleted. Impact battery becomes not durable.

5. Using the device to extreme temperatures
Referred to as the extreme temperatures does not necessarily mean using the smartphone in the desert, in front of the furnace or in the refrigerator. Using the smartphone continuously so that the temperature rise sharply, may include Using the device to extreme temperatures. Keep in mind the normal temperature for the operation of the smartphone is 16-30 degrees Celsius. When you boost smartphone usage continuously increases the temperature of the device can exceed 30 degrees Celsius. And if it is carried out continuously, then do not blame if the smartphone becomes not durable.

6. Using the charger asphalt or shot
It is usually “forced” to do when the original is lost or damaged the charger. Because the original charger is more expensive, then the “forced” to use the charger asphalt, real or fake to save funds. But keep in mind the risk, which is not original charger potentially make the smartphone is not durable. Because it could be the rate of filling is not in accordance with the recommendations.


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