6 Benefits of Strawberry For Health


Benefits of Strawberry – beautiful and unique fruit is very popular, because it has a charming seductive red color with a distinctive sour taste Strawberry is a fruit which is very often found in highland areas such as mountains and cold temperature. In addition to the direct consumption, strawberries can also be produced and be processed as food ingredients such as butter bread, drinks or sweetened products in other cake. The benefits are not limited only in terms of food but also famous Strawberry fruit benefits effective in fitness, freshness, and health.

Strawberry is not only delicious to eat but after that hygienic proven to provide benefits to the body, one of the health benefits of strawberries for that work for skin and hair. Strawberry extract also often made in beauty products and leading brands.

So it is not surprising that strawberries have been cultivated continuously. The strawberry fruit will be privileged to lead a very efficacy in treating beauty or provide vitamins for health, such as that derived from manfaat.com. The following are the Benefits Strawberry fruit you need to know.

Benefits of Strawberry

1. Prevent High Blood Pressure
Not only the benefits of bananas alone that contain high amounts of potassium, but strawberries are also highly recommended for people with high blood pressure, with no effect of sodium in the body. Low potassium intake strawberry, as well as increasing the risk factors of high blood pressure. From the survey results of the National Health and Nutrition Examination that is less than 2% of adults in the US have stepped meet the potassium recommendation by the number of 4700 mg daily.

2. Allergy and Asthma
Consuming strawberry able to provide anti-inflammatory effects and quercetin. This fruit can help reduce allergy symptoms, including runny nose, watery eyes and itching on the skin, although there have been no human trials were conducted to prove this theory, but several studies have shown the presence of asthma cases will occur less if high intake of nutrients available in and essential nutrients.

3. Set the Blood Sugar
Strawberry is rich with a low glycemic index glycemic index but rich in fiber, it will help control the blood sugar to remain stable to prevent an increase or decrease in blood sugar that is too high. The recent study has found that eating about 37 strawberries in a single day, has managed to significantly reduce diabetes complications such as chronic kidney disease and neuropathy. The study results showed that fisetin, flavonoids in strawberries support neuronal survival in conjunction with the prevention of complications in both kidneys.

4. Smooth Digestion
Consuming foods rich in high water content and fiber as found in watermelon, then strawberry can also help the body to remove toxins and food scraps into more better. These fibers are very useful to reduce the problem of constipation and smooth bowel movement.

5. Overcoming Stroke
Antioxidant quercetin, kaempferol contained in this fruit, as well as anthocyanin
have all been proven to reduce blood clotting which is quite dangerous because of the strong relationship with stroke. Potassium also functions in a reduced risk of stroke.

6. Prevention of Cancer
Described above, strawberries does contain powerful antioxidants that work in the fight against free radicals, preventing tumor growth and reduce inflammation in the body.

strawberries are also delicious, but if we knew more about the health benefits of strawberries, then pleasure in taking it more comfortable.


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