6 Benefits of Galangal For Body Health


Benefits of Galangal – Galangal or commonly called laos is one of the types of tubers that can live in the highlands and lowlands. Has the Latin name Alpinia galanga does have almost the same shape as ginger and turmeric. Basically, it is very reasonable considering all of these plants are one the Zingiberaceae family. As with other spices, galangal has a different name in each region.

In general, the benefits of ginger is most commonly found as a spice in cooking. Galangal can be used as a seasoning in a way crushed, chopped or simply inserted in cooking to add flavor and aroma. But actually galangal is not only able to flavor dishes, but also can be used as a traditional medicine.

Benefits of Galangal For Body Health


Galangal usefulness as a traditional medicine can not be separated from the content of these herbs. In the form of ginger essential oil contained galangal, galangin, alplnen, camphor and a variety of useful nutrients for the body. Galangal has anti-fungal and anti-bacterial, and be able to cleanse the blood, increase appetite and warm the body. As reported from wehealt.com. The following are the properties of ginger that you can read.

Benefits galangal

1. Prevent and treat tumors
Galangal transkoniferil disasetat containing compounds capable of inhibiting the rate of enzyme xanthin. Xanthin enzyme is one of the triggers of a tumor in the human body. Therefore, galangal can you make an alternative treatment to cure the tumor.

2. Treating inflammation
The content of essential oils in ginger may function as an anti inflames. Therefore, if you are affected by inflammation, then consume ginger can help
cure sore that you suffer.

3. Treating nausea
With a distinctive aroma and able to warm the body, you can overcome the problem of nausea due to motion sickness sea or in other ways by means of
chew galangal. This method can reduce the nausea that you suffer.

4. Blood circulation
Compounds in ginger is believed to improve blood circulation you. Therefore, you can help facilitate the circulation of your blood by eating ginger by adding to your dishes.

5. Treating diarrhea
The content of essential oils in ginger are also believed to be able to overcome that you suffer diarrhea. The way is easy, you just need to chew ginger and diarrhea you will be healed.

6. Incremental appetite
If you want to look at the composition of the drug appetite enhancer, maybe you will find galangal or Alpinna Galanga which became one of the ingredients. Indeed galangal showed to increase appetite you can make hot drinks and ginger to increase appetite child or your family members.

In addition to some of the benefits of ginger which I described above, the plant is also able to treat rheumatoid arthritis, abdominal pain caused by injuries and able to cure rheumatism and spleen. So it can be concluded that ginger has properties that are very useful for human health even though his name is not as famous as red ginger. Now a little more you have to understand that ginger is not only able to flavor dishes but also very beneficial for human health.



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