6 benefits of leech oil for human health

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Benefits of leech oil have been felt by the people of Papua since ancient times. Leeches for some of us who have strange shapes are disgusting animals and very hated existence instead of such leeches can give millions of health benefits.

Leeches are animals that are in the Fillum Annelida worm category, these animals belong to groups of carnivorous worms or meat-eaters. But it does not matter if you meet leeches because these only need blood as its main food.

Surely this blood-sucking animal just sucks from dirty blood that is not harmful to the human body. However, should not be underestimated also if the animal is excessive in sucking blood will cause the body weak. Approximately seen the drastic decline in the amount of blood.

Some of the following research benefits of leech oil for humans?

Leeches can be felt usefulness if used properly. The substance contained in many leeches that can be used for health in humans. Actually, not only the content of substances in leeches that are beneficial to humans but the leech itself turned out to have a fairly reliable fact.

What is that? Did you know that according to some research mentions when leeches stick to the human body and suck human blood? According to the research, it is dirty blood from us.

In such research and experience are already known to the ancients so that some alternative medicine experts who use the leech as an appliance for treatment. How to practice? Simply enough, just put a leech on certain body points and let the leech suck blood for some time.

There are some people who have done leech therapy to feel enough there is efficacy that they feel.

Nitric Oxide

Nitric oxide substances are the most valuable substances and often utilized substances. Even to attract some famous researchers in the world to be able to examine the content of nitric oxide. the usefulness of this substance is to restore sexual arousal in both men and women. This substance makes sexual intercourse increased time, and adrenaline spur men and women when making love.


Blood clots are often felt in the human body. Symptoms that occur that can not move the limbs known paralysis. Hirudo Medicinalis or commonly known as hirudin in the medical world is a substance that is able to neutralize the ability of blood to freeze.

Therefore, this substance is often used to restore blood circulation is blocked so that it will return to flow well. This substance is also often used to perform small-scale nerve surgery as in the soles of the feet so that blood that flows on the feet can get better.


This substance is in leech saliva. Ever felt suddenly in your legs there are leeches after getting into the mud? Surely we will not feel pain when leeches land on one of our feet.

Hyaluronidase is what causes the body part does not feel pain. This substance acts as an anesthetic through the mouth of a leech to suck blood. If you observe better then you will find a fluid like mucus around the mouth of leeches whose function stimulates your skin pores to not react bitten.


Have you been hurt in your legs? Through the wound, you can see a dry scar. right? Science says it is a form of fibrinogen fiber that serves to close the wound so as to speed up the healing process. The thrombin substance that already exists in the leech helps to accelerate the blood flow so that it closes the wound more quickly.

Anti Collagen

Explanation of this substance is the most widely used by scientists. This substance is able to smooth the blood flow at some point so as to slow aging. This material is also often used in cosmetics to tighten the skin and replace dead skin cells with new cells so the skin feels fresher.

Benefits of Oil Leeches that have been felt by human health:

The substance contained in leeches and added with natural ingredients into a mixture of oil leech make leech oil used by patients to be utilized. Among the benefits of leech oil as follows:

1.Oil leech to enlarge the man’s penis

Having the desired size is a dream for every man. Couples a relationship felt less comfortable when the affairs of husband and wife relationship are less exciting. The contents of the leech can provide a solution to the problem, not only increase the size but leech oil can improve the quality of the male penis.

2. Oil leech to treat wounds

Oil leech can reduce pain in the wound. these have been observed that leech oil has a hyaluronidase substance that can be used as an anesthetic. these can also quickly heal the wound. the presence of hirudin in oil leeches that launch blood flow and histamine that serves as a developer, so it can accelerate the growth of new cells.

3. Oil leech strengthens the vitality of men

4. Strengthen and enhance breasts

those who have problems also like the size of an important part in men, women also have a problem that is the size of the breast and can make sexual arousal increases. Women who have large breasts are often considered more satisfactory than ordinary sizes. Therefore, the benefits of applying leech oil that can be considered capable of enhancing the breast.

5. Eliminating Spots & Acne On Faces

Making oil leech to remove acne on the face and spots can heal and eliminate it. This is because of the content of hirudin and histamine substances.

6. Prevent Diabetes Disease

Scientists in his research stated that the substances in the leech can neutralize blood clots make it can accelerate blood flow from top to bottom.

There are many more various benefits and efficacy of leech oil that can be utilized by humans. This leech oil is included in one of the herbal remedies. Those who have tried oil leech say that it has no side effects that could harm health.

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