5 Benefits of Mint Leaves For Health and Beauty


Benefits of Mint Leaves For Health and BeautyBenefits of Mint Leaves – Leaves or mint Mentha is one genus, divided into 25 species. Mint leaves can be found almost all over the world. Mint is one of the unique plants because it has a different taste sensation and other crops. When chewed, the mint will produce a sensation of cold in our mouths, in addition to the benefits of mint leaves to the body pretty much at all, because in the mint leaves contained substances that are good for health.

In use, the properties of mint are as a main ingredient and flavor enhancer in foods, beverages, toothpaste mix until candy. Mint is a spice that is quite popular in the world. In addition, mint leaves are also often used in cosmetics and pharmaceuticals, not even miss cigarette products that use a lot of juice and mint flavors.

The content of the mint leaves into evidence that the mint has benefits for human health mint leaf consists of water, fiber, protein, ash and carbohydrates. In addition, mint leaves also contain a variety of minerals is high, calcium, potassium, magnesium, manganese, sodium, copper, and phosphorus. Mint leaves also contain some vitamin namely vitamin A, vitamin B, vitamin C and vitamin D, and contains amino acids which are very abundant. As quoted from cakrawaladunia.com, the following is a benefit of mint leaves.

Benefits of mint leaves

1. Remove the oil on the skin
Since many years ago, mint leaves have been used to overcome the problem of oily skin. The resulting menthol mint leaves touted able to reduce oil secretion from the sebaceous glands to keep skin free from oil.

2. Eliminate Stress
Including a stimulant mint oil, mint leaves with so useful for
treat depression and headaches. You can use soap or deodorant
mint-scented room or take advantage of mint oil and rubbed on your pillow case. The mint scent will make you more relaxed and calm your mind.

3. Lose weight
Daunt mint you can use to help your diet program. With The
consuming containing menthol mint leaves, to assist you in circulation, relieve stomach work, avoid nausea, treat cramps and helps the body burn fat.

4. Refreshing the respiratory system
Mint scent that has a cold senssil very suitable to be used as a decongestant in the nose, throat, bronchi and lungs because the mint has a fresh scent. Mint leaves can help treat respiratory disorders such as asthma and cough.

5. Maintaining oral health
In addition to some of the above benefits, mint leaves also have efficacy as well as the benefits to your mouth. Mint leaves can be used to take care of your oral health. because the mint leaves have anti-bacterial properties. It’s easy, you just need to chew mint leaves and useful to fight the growth of harmful bacteria in the mouth, teeth and tongue.

Benefits of Mint leaves or leaf Mentha addition to functioning as a flavor enhancer, it has the properties and benefits for human health. Basically, the mint is already popular and popular with the public, either directly consume the leaves or mint flavor only found in various foods and daily needs Iainnya. After reading the above, of course, you better understand that will benefit and mint leaves.
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