5 Benefits of cinnamon for health

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Foto: namalatin
Foto: namalatin

Benefits of Cinnamon – Cinnamon is one of the types of spices from Indonesia which is normally used as a spice that smells sweet and savory. Usually, people wear cinnamon coconut milk into drinks and cuisine. Of spices, dark brown is proved to have many uses. The benefits of cinnamon in the healing of various diseases are believed to help cure people.

Efficacy of cinnamon which can treat skin diseases, heart disease, flatulence, arthritis and many more. Usefulness cinnamon predominately used as flavorings natural flavor because very seldom people who know about the function of cinnamon as an herbal remedy.

One reason could be the cinnamon herbal medicine for some diseases is because cinnamon contains antioxidant that can control blood sugar levels. Besides that cinnamon has anti-infective properties in kind that can effectively remove bacteria. We come to know how big the benefits of cinnamon for human health. We will explain the benefits of cinnamon to treat some diseases and prevent disease.

Benefits of Cinnamon

1. Treating gout
How to use cinnamon to treat gout is to take cinnamon 3 stems, add other spices such as nutmeg, cardamom, cloves, pepper, and red ginger. Mix all the spices, then spices boiled in 3 cups of boiled water until boiling. If you like sweet, you may add honey to this herbal ingredients. Wait until warm cinnamon concoction. Strain the herbs cinnamon and drink regularly to reduce the pain caused by gout.

2. As a high blood pressure medicine
Cinnamon as lowering high blood enough to give a good effect, how to use it is as follows. Take 2 cinnamon sticks, hair Corn taste, celery, and trengguli acid. Mix the herbs and boiled with 2 cups water. Wait until the water boils. After warm cinnamon concoction of water, strain the liquid cinnamon and then you drink one day one time for
treat your high blood pressure.

3. Overcoming flatulence
Efficacy cinnamon them is to treat flatulence and colds. If feel bloating or colds, immediately take 2 sticks cinnamon, ginger, cloves, anise, and nutmeg. Boil the herbal ingredients to a boil. After boiling, the mixture is filtered and drink while warm cinnamon concoction. This method is very comforting flatulence, so you will not be bothered anymore to do the activity. The good cinnamon herb is taken when you bedtime.

4. Treat heartburn
You need to know the function of cinnamon one of them is as an ulcer drug. How to use cinnamon as a cure heartburn is to boil 4 cinnamon sticks with lukewarm water and add brown sugar or honey. After boiling up
boiling, let stand until warm herb. Then strain the cooking water cinnamon and drink while warm. Cinnamon Drink water regularly, at least once a day.

5. To cure diarrhea
For those of you who are experiencing diarrhea. You can use cinnamon as a medicinal herb. How to use cinnamon as diarrhea is to boil 2 cinnamon sticks with a few leaves of young guava. This herb boiled with water and add brown sugar or rock sugar as a sweetener ingredient is cinnamon. After that, strain the mixture of cinnamon and drink while warm. You can drink herbal ingredients cinnamon to treat diarrhea 2 times in one day.

What do you think, pretty much not the benefits of cinnamon for health, therefore if you want the benefits contained in the cinnamon, then you need to consume them regularly and regularly in order to conform to what is desired.


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