10 ways to help mothers and daughters in order to avoid eating their hungry

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Dealing with a hard-to-eat child often makes every mother miserable, but there’s no need to worry about children starving. These 10 tricks can be tried by mothers to keep children eating.

Dear children have difficulty eating certainly make the mother frustrated. Mother often confused what to cook, see the little guy very choosy about food. So Mother was afraid that dear children will starve, and not get enough nutrition for its growth.

Mother has done various ways, giving them her favorite toys so she will want to eat, even to be fed. But your baby still difficult to eat, and just want to eat foods that he likes.

Toddlers are in the process of developing the environment. Many interesting things around it, playing is often more interesting than eating. But, you may be able to steal a bit of attention so he turns to his food.

Here’s a tip for toddler repellent:

– Do not force children to eat

Children like the general, who like to choose about food, and often make mothers annoyed. But try to be patient, and do not force him to eat foods that he does not like. will appear impact that could be worse.

It may not be easy for every mother to understand, but if her picky habits in food can trigger eating disorders, then she should be more careful about her fussy eating habits.

– Make sure the form of serving food you provide looks attractive to him. It could have made her want to devour her.

– Invite him during the process of making food and let him help you as best he can. For example, take his own side dish.

– Give her food according to her age. Maybe you forget, your child is not a baby anymore, but still give him porridge.

– Provide food in small quantities so you are not frustrated if the toddler did not want to spend it.

– Give other food alternatives instead of foods that he does not like. For example, he does not want rice, give noodles or bread. If he only wants to eat his side dish, provide it in an easily accessible place, so he can pick it up whenever he wants to eat.

– Providing food supplements for children can be a surefire way to maintain good health. Choose a syrup or jell candy supplement that children love. Better if the supplements contain nutrients that can increase appetite.

– Dealing with a difficult child to eat can not by force. We know that he needs balanced food nutrition. But is not it a pity if food is even wasted because he does not want to eat.

– If the mother is not strong to face the child difficult to eat, or the baby more stubborn when told to eat. Ask for help from Dad or another adult who can make your child according.

– To make sure he keeps his energy intake throughout the day, though not eating at mealtimes. The mother needs to provide high-calorie snacks that she can eat whenever she wants.

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