10 reasons a wife does not want polygamy

wife and husband love

wife and husband loveThere is a feeling worried a wife when her husband chose polygamy. Polygamy means a husband willing to share your life with another woman, so many women feel jealous. I think so !!

There are some brief description about why the wife does not want polygamy as follows.

  1. Because the wife wants to continue to live together, do not want far away from her husband.
  2. The wife does not want his family who do not understand disappointed and sad.
  3. She does not want to ruin household husband who has just been built.
  4. His wife was desires husband just wanted to be considered the best to follow the sunnah is not done only for Allah.
  5. The wife was afraid of her husband does not care anymore with their children.
  6. She knew that her husband can not be fair in providing the needs of the evening between old and young wife. Though it can be fair.
  7. His wife feel worried her husband can not be fair in terms of living. Although the problem of love is hard to be made fair.
  8. Because the wife loves her husband.
  9. Because the wife feels her husband is still less knowledgeable, making it difficult to build a well polygamous households.
  10. The wife was afraid of her husband’s neglect of her.

Such is the reason why the wife does not want their husbands chose polygamy. some of the reasons above is a sign that a wife is really dearest to her husband. So should a husband should think carefully about how to wish polygamy that is very difficult choice than to build a family from the beginning again.


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