10 Companions of Prophet Muhammad are guaranteed enter heaven

10 Companions of Prophet Muhammad are guaranteed enter heaven

The companions of the Prophet was always faithful to accompany, both in a state of pleasure and sorrow. Even if they are willing to sacrifice his life for the Prophet Muhammad (PBUH). This are the 10 companions of the Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) are guaranteed enter heaven because his deeds were always helped the Prophet Muhammad in preaching to spread Islam.

Here are the 10 companions of the Prophet Muhammad that is guaranteed enter heaven

1. Abu Bakar Ash-Shiddiq

Abu Bakar was the first companions of the Prophet Muhammad as a teenager. He was closest friends always accompany him at all times. No matter where the Prophet goes, he was always there to accompany him. He met with the Prophet as a teenager so it was not difficult for him to believe the teachings of Islam because it already knows how noble character of the Prophet Muhammad. He also was the first to believe Isra Mi’raj.

2. Ali bin Abi Thalib

Ali was the first to convert to Islam when he was very young. He is intelligent, brave and expert in shaping the tactics of war. When the city Hijrah from Mecca to Medina, Ali slept on a bed of the Prophet Muhammad that the enemy who were besieging the house of the Prophet think that people who sleep it is the Prophet.

3. Umar bin Khattab

Umar was the second Caliph and included in a friend who is beloved by the Prophet Muhammad (PBUH). Previously converted to Islam, he is the one who often got drunk and fighting. After he listened to a Surah Taha in Al Quran from his sister, he later converted to Islam. He became caliph wise and decisively when defending Islam.

4. Utsman bin Affan

Uthman was the third caliph and get designations Dzun Nur’ain for marrying two daughters of the Prophet, Ruqqayah and Umm Kultsum. He has a lot of money or property and sacrificing his property the path of Allah.

5. Sa’ad bin Abi Waqqas

Sa’ad has horsemanship and accuracy in archery. In the battle in Islam, what he wants to definitely arrows on target and almost all of the wars he had attended. At the beginning of his conversion to Islam, his mother threatened to not eat. However, up to his mother is died he was still in his stance. He did not sell his convictions, even though it was for her mother’s life.

6. Thalhah bin Abdulla

Thalhah was one of the companions of the Prophet. When the battle of Uhud, Thalhah took part in the war and made himself as a shield to protect the Prophet Muhammad. When there is an arrow that will lead to the Prophet, then the hand Thalhah move as a shield up to his fingers cut off.

7. Zubair bin Awwan

Zubair was among the first converts to Islam. Defense of Islam is huge. He always joined in the battle against the enemy, even he is always on the front row. He is a friend who is beloved by the Prophet Muhammad.

8. Abu ‘Ubaidah bin Jarrah

Prophet once said that every people have the confidence. The Prophet Muhammad once said that every tier there are people trust. He entered in Islam in the early the apostolate Prophet Muhammad with Abu Bakr as the intermediary. He is honest and trustworthy so often designated as a war leader.

9. Sa’id bin Zaid

Sa’id included in the Prophet’s companions were fortunate because he was able to convert to Islam with his wife, the sister of Umar Bin Khattab called Fathimah bint al-Khattab. He put all his strength to always join in the fight with the prophet Muhammad against the infidels.

10. Abdurrahman bin ‘Auf

Abdurrahman was one of seven companions first entered into Islam. He companions belonging to the rich. He has a property is abundant but did not make him forget. He constantly using his property the path of Allah. Even after the Prophet gave the news if he is guaranteed enter heaven instead deeds alms is increasing.