10 Benefits of Bitter Tea For Health Human Body


Benefits of Bitter Tea. Must you already be familiar with this type of drink? Call it the tea, tea comes from the land of China as an antidote. The tea is used as a herb since the 8th century BC. A drink made from the leaves often very popular in many foreign countries. A fragrant aroma, fragrant, warm and not make anyone tired to enjoy it. Abroad to taste this drink there own time. Unlike in Indonesia, anytime you want you can enjoy it. Tea of many kinds, such as bitter tea, green tea, jasmine tea and many other types of tea.This time we will discuss the benefits of bitter tea for health and medicinal properties.

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Direct Knowingly or not, the usefulness of bitter tea has many perceived by the customers loyal, tea refreshes the mind to create a calmer atmosphere. From ancient times, it has been known tea for health and treatment efficacy. As quoted from menguruskanbadan.com. Here are some of the health benefits of tea bitter and can also be utilized for the treatment and be able to prevent some diseases.

1. Prevent Cancer
Tea contains antioxidants that are good for our bodies. Epigallo compound catechin gallate (EGCG), which contained therein help kill cancer cells that exist in our bodies, would be better if you eat this bitter tea without sugar, Although it was bitter and bitter, but it is very good for health.

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2. Reduce the risk of heart disease
Eating a cup of bitter tea every day has a huge benefit, because the consumption of bitter tea every day can reduce the risk of heart attack. You will be protected from cardiovascular disease. As you know that tea many constituents, such as flavonoids quercetin, kaempferol, and myricetin. These substances are good for heart health. Properties which increase the reactivity of the blood vessels. Lowering high blood pressure to be able to cope with the hardening of the arteries.

3. Helps treat tumors
The content of flavonoids contained in tea may be beneficial to shrink the tumor. Bitter tea extract efficacious for treating tumors shrink and in the body. You are tumor can try this alternative herb.

4. Lowering high blood pressure
Should consume this tea regularly every day, so you can enjoy usefulness will. But when you choose the drink as a medicine to lower blood pressure, you should not be taking blood pressure-lowering drugs of any kind, for it would endanger your health.

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5. Increase the body’s metabolism
Some researchers, at the University of Geneva and the University of Birmingham has tested the efficacy of tea. The result can increase metabolism and energy in the body.

6. Eliminate stress
Consumed tea regularly helps reduce the stress hormone cortisol triggers. Consuming tea for 6 weeks with 4 cups of tea every day proved to reduce 20% of cortisol.

7. Can cure colitis
Some researchers believe that tea can restore inflammation in the gut. The content of polyphenols helps inhibit Inflame gut reactions.

8. Lose weight
For those of you who want to diet in order to get the ideal body, bitter tea could be an alternative medicine herbal diet. Every day you simply consume 3-4 cups of tea.

9. Addressing the problem of bad breath
For those of you who feel less confident because of the smell of the mouth, this tea can help your problem. The content of polyphenols in the bitter tea helps kill bacteria that cause bad breath.

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10. Maintaining the health of the teeth
The bacteria that can cause plaque on your teeth will die because of the content of polyphenols in tea. If these bacteria grow more on the teeth can cause cavities and gum often bleed.

Maybe that some explanation of the benefits of bitter tea can I explain, so there’s nothing wrong if you get used to always try to consume the drinks are made with natural ingredients and this base, which, of course, can nourish the body, as well as the benefits contained therein.




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