10 Benefits Leek For Health

Benefits Leek For Health

In Asia and even the world, who are not familiar with leeks? ‘Leaves of
plant these types of onions are often used in cooking. Either as a topping or become one of the main ingredients. When we refer to the leek.
most certainly will be on the leaves of onion and leek rarely called white,
although leaf leek also sometimes called simply with chives.
In general, people know the benefits of leek only on cooking. whether it
for topping like the soup. or as one of the ingredients in sweet and sour dishes.
By adding leeks in cooking. will add a flavor
The. because leek does have a distinctive aroma and flavor. probably because
it is spring onion into food seasonings.

 Benefits Leek For Health

1. The source of iron
Chives have an iron content in high enough levels. Iron is very useful for maintaining healthy red blood cells, hemoglobin and is able to strengthen the network of cells in your body.

2. Source of fiber
Existing fiber dl in leek is also very good for the health system
your digestion. With the fiber content in the leaves of onion will prevent digestive problems such as constipation.

3. The source of potassium
Turns leek also rich in potassium. Potassium is one of the substances that are beneficial to regulate fluid levels in the body, reduce heart problems and can prevent muscle cramps.

4. Maintain a healthy heart
Cycloaliin is one of the substances contained in the chives. This compound is very useful to protect your heart and disease. In addition, cycloaliin also facilitate the circulation of your blood.

5. Improve the immune system
Chives have a high antioxidant content. So if you
consuming chives can help keep your body in order to avoid various diseases.

6. Low calorie
Leeks are very safe to eat because leeks including one vegetable
and naturally low in calories.

7. Maintain healthy skin
Quercetin and kemferol including antioxidants present in green onion. Both of these substances are very good for maintaining healthy skin as well as your body.

8. Prevent Diabetes
Leek contains phytochemical form and allyl disulfide allium. Both of these substances have anti-diabetic properties that work by preventing the degradation of insulin and improve glucose metabolism in your body.

9. Treat worms
Chives can also be used as a remedy for worms.

10. Treating infections
Chives you can use to prevent infection because the leek is anti-fungal, anti-bacterial and anti-viral.

What do you think about the benefits of this green onion? Turns vegetables make you more delicious dishes also can maintain the health of your body. Hopefully with a little review above is able to add to and improve the health of your body.



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