Getting to know the month of Muharram

The month of Muharram The month of Muharram moment is extremely valuable to pass. therefore, while all of us to get to know the primacy of the month of Muharram which is mentioned in the Quran and

How to provide teachings and edify of children

Children are a trust, grace, and a trial from the Almighty Allah. The child is essentially similar to the white paper, as saying of the Prophet Muhammad PBUH, “Every child born in a state of nature, both

Ancient stories – Prophet Muhammad make a funny stories to old lady

The ancient story at the time of Prophet Muhammad. Life without funny story will feel lonely and deserted so the lack of smiles and laughter. People who comforted because for him include good deeds as an

The journey of life after death by Islam

Death (separation of the spirit from the body) is definitely something for every creature has a life, that’s a promise by Almighty Allah. The life we live in this world is one of the pleasures

The virtues and greatness saying ‘Bismillah’

The word bismillah very easy to say has efficacy, benefits and virtues were outstanding. There are many narrations on the efficacy of these Bismillah. Among others are : “Whoever utter Bismillaahir lots in hopes of getting

Animals for Qurban does not feel pain during being slaughtered

Statement of Qurbani animals does not feel pain when being slaughtered was true. It is evident from the research conducted by Dr. Hazim and Prof Wilhelm Schulze,farm staff from Hannover university located in Germany. Their research

The virtue of reading the surah al-Fatihah

Al-Fatiha is known as the earliest Surah in the Qur’an, but is there any among us know about the virtues of reading Al-Fatiha? Muslim society to know that they are doing the prayer will not

Scientists began to trust humans comes from a clay

Related to the creation of mankind – scientists began to trust humans comes from a clay, the Qur’an has many described the origins and the beginning appearance of human beings. In some verses of the

10 Companions of Prophet Muhammad are guaranteed enter heaven

The companions of the Prophet was always faithful to accompany, both in a state of pleasure and sorrow. Even if they are willing to sacrifice his life for the Prophet Muhammad (PBUH). This are the 10

Wonders of Arabic language in the Quran

Do you know why the Arabic language used in the Qur’an? Did you know about the wonders of the Arabic in the Qur’an? To answer the curiosity, we provide a relevant article to answer the question